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Correspondence With a Killer: Emails from Byron Case

Below is a list of emails that Byron Case sent to Anastasia's family in the months following her murder. In them, he complains about alleged ill-treatment and harassment against him by the family, makes attacks against her father and friends, and offers various excuses and explanations for the events of that night.

The correspondence was not admitted in court (considered to be hearsay) and therefore were not considered by the jury in Case's trial, but they offer the reader an additional insight into his attitudes and actions while dealing with the family of a murder victim, show a few shifting rationalizations and loyalties on Case's part, and catch him in a few lies as well.

They comprise two sets of correspondence, the first from December 1997 through March 1998, and the second in April and May 1998. Both dialogues were initiated and then terminated by Case.

Correspondence DateAddressed toSubject
December 21, 1997Patrick RockCharacter assault
December 22, 1997Patrick RockAnswers
December 29, 1997Robert WitbolsFeugenRe: father's concern about your reply
January 5, 1998Patrick RockMore answers
January 12, 1998Patrick RockMore answers
January 18, 1998Patrick RockRe: Off-topic stuff
January 23, 1998Patrick RockRe: Rumors, police . . .
January 31, 1998Robert WitbolsFeugenRe: Tara
March 4, 1998Patrick Rock[no subject]
April 18, 1998Robert WitbolsFeugenharassment
May 2, 1998Patrick RockSuspicions
May 3, 1998Patrick RockRe: Suspicions

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