Email correspondence from Byron Case
to Robert WitbolsFeugen on 31 January 1998.

Emphasis is added to highlight particular information, and it has been edited for brevity and privacy.

In this email, Byron Case responds to an email from Anastasia's father, asking for contact information for Tara McDowell. He makes it clear that anything negative she might have to say about him is becase they are not longer friends. He returns to this theme in a later email.

The reference to his car is from a phone call Case's mother made to Anastasia's father on Christmas Day 1997, to tell him that we were "upsetting Byron" with our questions, especially right after his father's death (on 24 December) and apparent "vandalism" done to his car, which turned out to be nothing more than someone having deflated his tires. Case's web site obviously no longer exists.

Subject: Re: Tara
Date: Saturday, January 31, 1998 1:18 PM
From: Byron C Case
To: Robert WitbolsFeugen

I don't have her [Tara McDowell's] neighbor's phone number anymore. When she and I spoke last, I made the decision that I wouldn't speak to her for any reason. Her neighbor's name is C--- W--- ... but I think the number was disconnected. Alex *did* work as a driver for Pyramid Pizza in Westport, and was a friend/drug supplier for Tara several months ago. Wether or not they still speak, or even if he is still in town, is unknown to me.

>> By the way did you get your car fixed? What's the URL to your web page?

It turned out that the air was simply let out of the tires. I was able to call a tow truck and have them fill them on the spot. I just wish that I had been able to do that on Christmas Eve. My page is still under heavy construction, but all the links work and the basic layout is there. The current URL (tripod is annoyingly slow, I anticipate a change of location in the VERY near future) is:
-Byron C. Case

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