Email correspondence from Byron Case
to Patrick Rock on 4 March 1998.

Emphasis is added to highlight particular information, and it has been edited for both brevity and privacy.

In this letter, Case claims that Justin Bruton had been
diagnosed with "clinical depression", and that his having decided to drop Case off at 10PM and go home and to sleep at that hour were not unusual. Case never made that claim again, and even went so far as to claim that Justin's decision to go home and to bed at 10PM was unusual for him.

In an earlier email to Case, we had mentioned a rumor about Justin Bruton having been caught on security cam when he bought a gun the day after the murder (a rumor that turned out to be true), and that our source for that information had itially been one of Case's friends, Anna Hunsicker. Case has misunderstood our statement, believing that he had been accused of something by Anna, and his reaction is to fiercely attack her. It was not the only time would attack a friend of his thinking his secret had been betrayed, doing the same to another friend, Tara McDowell, in a later email.

Finally, he offered his first excuse for why he and Kelly Moffett came along with Justin to pick up Anastasia at the Dairy Queen when it was obvious that Justin and Anastasia wanted to talk alone. In making this excuse, he inadvertently admits that his car was available that night, something he would later go to great lengths to deny.

Subject: [no subject]
Date: Wed, 4 Mar 1998 23:46:41 -0600
From: (Byron C Case)

Indeed, Justin's hours were quite odd. It is equally unbelievable that he went to bed at ten-ish. He was diagnosed with clinical depression, and knowing the affects of such a horrible illness, it wouldn't surprise me a bit to know that after such an argument, he would just want to be alone. Everything I told you previously about the events of that evening were precise. We had, immediately after picking Kelly up, stopped at a Phillips 66 at Quivira and 89th (?) street to cash in on their free fountain drinks until December 1st deal. Justin and I shared the same outrageous fanatacism for the word "free".

The rumors regarding the security camera at the gun shop being Anna's doing are not surprising. She and I have since disassociated ourselves with one another due to some rediculous idea of hers that she suddenly and for no reason, hates me now. She's always been rather unstable, so anything she comes up with should be taken with a grain of salt. As for having heard this rumor before the funeral, no. Much like Justin was, I am not a terribly social individual.

>> Why were you and Kelly along with Justin in the first place, with Kelly's curfew less
>> than two hours away, knowing an argument had already occured between them
>> and was likely to reflare? Why couldn't you and Kelly take your car and just go
>> elsewhere, and thus avoid the entire battle?

I had been picked up by Justin, so Kelly and I would have had to walk back to my mother's apartment before gaining access to my car. Kelly's curfew was five hours away when we picked her up. Justin promised to give us all rides home, so we didn't figure there would be a problem getting her home on time.

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