Email correspondence from Byron Case
to Robert WitbolsFeugen on 18 April 1998.

Emphasis is added to highlight particular information, and it has been edited for brevity and privacy.

In her trial testimony, Kelly Moffett spoke of the emails exchanged between Byron Case and Anastasia's family, and how rude Case had been toward them.
1 This is an example of that rudeness she described.

In this email, Case initiates a new and shorter dialogue by accusing Anastasia's sister of harassment. He does so by telling a story of being accosted by someone he cannot identify, with an argument that he cannot precisely specify, claims that it happened because "a hurt little girl wants to lash out", and threatens legal action should it happen again.

At the time of this email, Byron Case is a suspect in a murder, and he's threatening the victim's family. In this letter, irony is dead as well.

It should also be noted that by Case's own account, he made an aggressive denial of a vague accusation about having knowledge of Anastasia's murder, while in stark contrast he avoided the topic when directly accused by Kelly Moffett of having committed the murder.2

Subject: harassment
Date: Saturday, April 18, 1998 4:03 PM
From: Byron C Case
To: Robert WitbolsFeugen

I ran into someone at Ward Parkway Mall last night. At first I couldn't place his face ... I knew him from somewhere. He was about twenty and was with his thirteen (?) year old girlfriend. Both looked painfully normal. Anyway, he approached me in a rather hostile manner and said, "Hey, my friend's sister was shot in the head at a cemetery a while ago, and I hear that you probably know something about it."

"Anastasia?" I asked. I knew what was coming.

"What, you mean my friend, Anastasia?" he asked back.

"Yeah. I think that if I knew anything more than what I have already told the police, I would have come forward by now?" I said, feeling rather annoyed by his attempt at playing interrogator. Abraham took a step forward, sensing the hostility behind his questioning.

"Yeah, well, just making sure." he replied, walking away. After the conversation, I recalled where I knew him from ... he was someone I had seen in Westport a few times who used to have black hair and date a trailer-trash "goth" girl named Gina. I felt better in remembering that my accuser was someone so worthless, he had to adopt a personality to win friends. The conversation was rather amusing, as I'm sure he was just trying to give a show of machismo for his little companion.

There was a more menacing side to this, however. It made me wonder how many more hold a belief that I know more than I'm telling ... and how many of them will commit crimes against me because of their unwavering faith? How many people have been told by your daughter that I know more than I have told?

This is not the only time I've encountered this sort of accusatory conversation, but certainly the most disturbing. I have no desire to have to watch my back for fear of being assaulted just because a hurt little girl wants to lash out. In short, should any more of these little "interrogations" occur, I shall waste no time in contacting my attorney. This sort of harassment is unjustified and amoral. You need to let Francesca know that no matter what she believes, telling people that I had a connection to Anastasia's death is blatant harassment. I am not a very tolerant person, and this is to be no exception.

Byron C. Case

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