Email correspondence from Byron Case
to Patrick Rock on 12 January 1998.

Emphasis is added to highlight particular information, and it may have been edited for brevity and.or privacy.

Please note that Case is backing off from his earlier assertion that Anastasia wanted Justin to meet her at Mt. Washington after having been challenged on that statement. In this email he is trying to minimize the importance of the issue, calling it a "moot point".

Note also that his time frame is slightly different here, leaving out the visit to Abraham Kneisley's place while placing them at Kelly's home right about 9 PM.

Finally, note that Case states that he "drove past Justin's condo" on Thursday night. He does not mention that his car was inoperative until Friday, when he had Kelly Moffett's mother give him and Kelly a ride to the police station to make statements.

Subject: More Answers
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 14:00:58 -0600
From: Byron C Case
To: Patrick Rock

Firstly, I *did* answer your question about Abraham's tone ... if you knew how he is, you too would understand. Abraham tends to harbor a natural repugnance towards people who he feels did him wrong. In his eyes, the police did just that. After he put forth the effort of getting a ride to Lee's Summit for questioning, they arrested him for unpaid traffic tickets. He was, frankly, pissed off by the fact that after cooperating, they showed their "gratitude" in that way.

As far as Dairy Queen goes ... you must have been misinformed about Anastasia's having gone back in to finish eating. It's been quite a while, but as far as I recall, we went straight to the car and left the D.Q. lot. Any information to the contrary is incorrect as far as I'm concerned. After entering the Mount Washington grounds, I suppose we drove around for almost ten minutes before deciding not to park anywhere.

>> From what Anastasia told Franšesca before leaving
>> that Justin had called her earlier in the day and
>> asked her to meet him at Mt. Washington, not the
>> other way around.
Anastasia may have called Justin ... Justin may have called Anastasia. I honestly don't recall. It is a moot point ... either way they talked to each other.
>> She had already left for the Cemetery before
>> Justin called to say he couldn't make it. What
>> was the change in plans?
Again, I don't recall. If I had to hypothesize I would say that he just wanted to be with me instead. I remember that he was always saying how annoying she was.
>> How long did Justin spend at his condo before
>> running you out to Kelly's, etc., up to the time
>> he dropped you off and returned to his place?
The three of us spent from about eight to eight twenty at the condo (Kelly had a 9pm curfew), after which time we took Kelly home. We were at her house for about fifteen minutes before stopping at Tara's apartment. We were there for only a few minutes, then Justin took me home saying he was tired.
>> What can you tell me about the gun that Justin
>> owned (what kind of gun was it, when and where
>> did he buy it, and/or to whom and when did he
>> sell it)?
If I knew anything about guns, I'd be able to tell you more. All I know is that it was a black Remington shotgun, held four shells at once, and he purchased it at Wal Mart. When, I'm not entirely certain ... but he sold it at a Tulsa (?) gun show at least two weeks before they were found dead. The rumor I hear is that he was recorded on security camera buying another shotgun the day before he was found dead in DeSoto.
>> When you learned of Anastasia's death, exactly
>> what did you do?
After getting past the initial shock I tried to call Justin, but got no answer. Abraham had tried to call him before he called me, and got the same result. That evening, I drove past the condo and looked for his car (which wasn't there). I knew that if his car was gone, there was no point in knocking on his door.

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