Email correspondence from Byron Case
to Patrick Rock on 5 January 1998.

Emphasis is added to highlight particular information, and it may have been edited for brevity and.or privacy.

Please note that Case is sticking to his story that Anastasia was the one who wanted to meet at Mt. Washington Cemetery; that he says that they were "looking for a place to park" later at the cemetery, when in reality they went to the precise same place they had intended to meet before; and that he repeats Justin's suicide threat.

Subject: More Answers
Date: Mon, 5 Jan 1998 02:41:15 -0600
From: Byron C Case
To: Patrick Rock

Firstly, I would like to thank you for your willingness to *discuss* this rather than argue and make personal attacks. It's quite appreciated. Anyway, I'll get right to answering your questions ...

When Anastasia called, she wanted to meet Justin at Mount Washington Cemetery, but Justin refused to drive out there. He told her that he would MEET her, but refused to drive her around. They agreed not to meet, so Justin and I drove to Funcoland in Lenexa that we might trade-in his old Nintendo games for others. While in the area we picked up Kelly with the intention of returning to the condo to play the new games. Upon arriving back, we found a message on the answering machine saying that Anastasia had arranged a ride to Mount Washington, and for us to meet her there. A while later she called from a pay phone, upset that Justin hadn't been there to meet her. The two argued for quite a while, but Justin finally agreed to pick her up at the Dairy Queen on 24 Highway so they could talk.

We arrived shortly after seven pm, and after a brief shouting match in the parking lot, proceeded to Mount Washington, arguing all the way. Kelly and I were to go on a walk while Justin and Stasia argued in private. After driving through the cemetery for a bit looking for a place to park the car, we were followed by another car, decided that it was the grounds keeper, and opted to not stay. The decision was made for us to return to the condo with Anastasia, but at the stoplight at Truman Road and I-435, Justin told her (perhaps simply out of spite) that he didn't love her and that there wasn't anything he could do about it. At that point, she glared at him, opened the door, muttered that she was walking home, and despite a request by Justin to get back into the car, slammed the door and started walking east. I'll be the first to admit that I am extremely naive in certain situations, and honestly, the thought never occurred to me that she would be in any real danger. So, after a moment of silence, Justin realized that the light was green, and we continued towards the Plaza.Any desires that existed to turn around and get her went unspoken.

On the way back to the condo, Kelly and I heard Justin say very quietly, "I don't know whether to go home and kill myself or what." I wasn't worried, because he talked like that quite a bit, but Kelly was concerned for both of them. For the rest of the evening he seemed uncharacteristicly silent, but it seemed that he was simply concerned. He called her house at around nine p.m. from Kelly's to see if she was home yet, and spoke to Fran. From Kelly's, we drove back into Midtown to deliver a letter and some clothes to Abraham's ex-girlfriend, and Anastasia's confidant, Tara. Justin and I left Tara's and he took me home at ten, saying that he was very tired. He called me the next morning at nine, waking me up. He said that he had had trouble sleeping, and then apologized for having woken me. That was the last time we spoke.

-Byron C. Case

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