CASE NO.: 97-11829


The following is an interview with Byron C. Case. The interview was conducted on 10/24/97 starting at approximately 1040 hours. The interview was conducted by Sgt. Gary M. Kilgore and Sgt. Ronald Kellogg.
OFFICER:      State your name, please.
CASE:            Byron Case.

OFFICER:      Your date of birth, Mr. Case?
CASE:            Um, November 23, 1978.

OFFICER:      Home address?
CASE:            (redacted)

OFFICER:      What city is that in?
CASE:            Uh, Kansas City, Missouri.

OFFICER:      Telephone number there?
CASE:            (redacted)

OFFICER:      Uh, is this your apartment where you live, or does it belong to somebody else?
CASE:            No. It's my mom’s.

OFFICER:      Okay, and her name is?
CASE:            Evelyn Case.

OFFICER:      Evelyn Case. Anybody else live there with you?
CASE:            Um, yeah, her boyfriend. Uh, I don't know his last name.

OFFICER:      What's his first name?
CASE:            Um, it's actually Napoleon. Napoleon.

OFFICER:      Okay. Do, uh, you know an individual by the name of Justin Bruton?
CASE:            Yes.

OFFICER:      What's your relationship with Justin?
CASE:            Um, he's an old friend. Well, not old, but by my standards old.

OFFICER:      Okay. How long have you known him?
CASE:            Oh, I guess it's been a little over a year now. Yeah, it's been about a year.

OFFICER:      And how did you two get together?
CASE:            Originally we met at a coffee shop, just, by pure happenstance, we started up a conversation and we were talking about movies, and things like that.

OFFICER:      Okay, and so you two became pretty good friends?
CASE:            Yeah, we were pretty close.

OFFICER:      Do you know a friend of his by the first name of Anastasia?
CASE:            Yeah. Her and I have actually known each other for about five years. We went to school together eighth grade, uh and my freshman year of high school..

OFFICER:      And where was that at?
CASE:            Uh, Lincoln College Preparatory Academy.

OFFICER:      Where is that located?
CASE:            At Kansas City. It's like downtown in Kansas City.

OFFICER:      Okay. So you've known Anastasia then for you say, about five years.
CASE:            About, yeah.

OFFICER:      Okay, Have you ever been.
CASE:            We haven't been, we haven't, actually we started, I mean, I just knew her originally. We weren't friends or anything. We weren't friends or anything until later.

OFFICER:      You are aware that Anastasia is, is, has been killed?
CASE:            Yeah.

OFFICER:      And how did you find about that?
CASE:            Um, actually my friend Abraham told me.

OFFICER:      What is Abraham's last name?
CASE:            Kneisley. Um, he had called me, uh, yesterday afternoon. I was over at a friend's house. He actually paged me. And, uh, basically told me, uh, what, uh, that Anastasia had been shot. He had seen it on the news, I guess. So, and he told me that he was going to try, you know, to get information from, because he's a friend, find out like where it was.

OFFICER:      When was the last time that, uh, you saw Justin?
CASE:            Um, that would be the day before yesterday. Uh, it would have been about 10:00 p.m.

OFFICER:      Okay, Wednesday?
CASE:            Yeah, Wednesday. 10:00 p.m.

OFFICER:      10:00 in the evening. That was the last time you saw him?
CASE:            Mmm-hm.

OFFICER:      Did you see, were you with him prior to that 10:00 time? Yes. We had pretty much spent the entire day together. Uh, when did you first get with him that day?
CASE:            Um, I don't really remember. I think I may have spent the night there, actually. Stayed over one, it was just something that we do a lot. So I was, we pretty much just like woke up. I remember I, we were going to go out that afternoon, take care of some things. That was just a day like any other.

OFFICER:      Okay. Did you make any plans to do anything?
CASE:            Uh, not really. He had just uh, he had actually just uh come back from Tulsa visiting his parents. Um, he brought back an old Nintendo and we were going to go to Funco land and trade for the games. And games.

OFFICER:      Alright.
CASE:            And that was pretty much the only plans for the day.

OFFICER:      Okay, did you ever leave Justin's uh apartment there?
CASE:            Yeah, we uh did go out and whatever, like to Roeland Park, Kansas, and went to the Fun-co-land like we had planned. And then after that . . .

OFFICER:      What time was that?
CASE:            I have no idea. It was probably about 4:00, 4:00 p.m., I guess. Or something like that ..

OFFICER:       Did you come back into the Kansas City area?
CASE:             Uh, we went to, actually we went to pick up Kelly, actually later than before 4:00, because we picked Kelly up at about 4:00. Guess it was about 3:00.

OFFICER:       Was it planned to go pick up Kelly?
CASE:            Yeah. Yeah.

OFFICER:      How did those plans get arranged?
CASE:            Ah, we were just thinkin' that, you know, we wanted something to do that afternoon, and I was like, well, yeah, we could come pick her up. At least have somebody else to hang out with.

OFFICER:      Okay. Did you call Kelly or something?
CASE:            No, I just stopped in.

OFFICER:      Okay. And you and Justin stopped in at Kelly's house? And, in Lenexa, Kansas, is that right?
CASE:            Correct.

OFFICER:      Okay. And what did you guys do then?
CASE:            Uh, we picked Kelly up and we went, we went uh, we went back to Justin's condo after that to uh play the new games that we had gotten. Uh, then, I don't know, it was probably, well, he, Justin and Anastasia had made plans, uh, er, kinda made plans for that evening at about 5:30 I guess. And it was 5:00. We got.

OFFICER:      What kinds of plans did they make?
CASE:            Uh, they, I don't know, they always have wierd relationship issues that they were both like, that Anastasia was so insistent about talking about, and uh, so she was always wanting pretty much to be with him and talk to him about whatever their latest problem was.

OFFICER:      Do you know what the latest problem was?
CASE:            It is pretty much the same ongoing thing about she would ask him like, you know, you know, why, why don't you love me, things like that. Um, he has never, I mean Justin, Justin was really, I don't know, he's really apathetic. He doesn't really take a hard stance on anything. So, him being indecisive about how he felt about her wasn't you know, a real big issue, and, I mean, to me, but to her it was a big deal. So, that's usually what the arguments involved. And they, you know, them just bickering back and forth about like, why he didn't care for her as much as she cared for him, and that sort of thing.

Police Interview: Byron Case 10/24/1997
OFFICER:      Okay, and uh so what were the plans, for them to get together or?
CASE:            Uh, basically, they were just going to talk, uh, I don't even know what they were going to talk about, that they couldn't talk about anywhere else, but, um, she wanted to meet him at, uh, I think it was Mt. Washington Cemetery, and, because it's like close to her house, and, uh, so that was going to be at like 5:00. She couldn't get a ride out there. Um, so we just left. And that's when we left and traded in the games. Uh, but, uh, it was basically uh, yeah, we didn't think anything of it. It was just no big deal, and he didn't really care, uh either way, whether or not we went to see her, uh, but she I guess called while we were gone and said that she had found a ride after all and that she was going to be there at 5: 00. She left a message on the answering machine. Uh, it was, by the time we got back it was after 5:00 anyways, like, or no, it was actually 15 until 5:00 I think.

OFFICER:      Back to Justin's uh plan when he got back to his condo, and you sitting there and he played the message and heard it?
CASE:            Yeah, yeah. He heard the message, uh. There was nothing he could do because she had already left. I think he may have called her, but I don't really remember for sure. I wasn't really paying much attention. Uh, or he called at her house and I think he did actually, and he talked to her sister. So she said that Anastasia already had gotten a ride to the cemetery. Uh, after, oh God, after, um, after he talked to them, I guess it was a little while, I don't know how long, how much time passed, but uh eventually she called back to the condo from a pay phone saying you know that she was up there, she wanted him to pick her up. They talked. . .

OFFICER:      Did they talk on the phone?
CASE:            Yeah, they talked on the phone for, for quite a while.

OFFICER:      And about what time did she call him?
CASE:            I have no idea.

OFFICER:      It was Wednesday afternoon though.
CASE:            Yeah.

OFFICER:      After 5:00?
CASE:            It was probably about, it was probably almost 6:00 or thereabouts, I'm not really sure. I mean, I've got a horrible concept of time. But, uh, yeah, so they had been on the phone for probably a good 20 minutes, half an hour or so, and just, he's like, you know, he kept he kept it from reintegrating, and that uh, you know, he uh he would come out to pick her up, but you know, me and Kelly would be with them if, uh he went out there and so, if she wanted to talk in private, well, you know, she's pretty much out of luck. Uh, she said she didn't have a problem with that, so we finally just packed up everything that we were doing and left. Uh, we went to go...

OFFICER:      What do you mean when you say packed up?
CASE:            Oh, we just put away the Nintendo and everything.

OFFICER:      Okay.
CASE:            Uh, so we drove out there, um, she called us from like the Dairy Queen, I guess, I don't, some 24 Highway, it's right across from Mt. Washington Cemetery. Uh, 'cause she had been waiting at the cemetery I guess for a while. And, uh, so we just drove out there to pick her up. We get there, she's was in a really bad mood.

OFFICER:      How did you know to pick her up at the Dairy Queen?
CASE:            She had called us from the pay phone there.

OFFICER:      The second time?
CASE:            Uh . . .

OFFICER:      They had been on the phone like twice . . .?
CASE:            … yeah. So we picked her up there and she was just in a really bad mood you know, she was giving me the dirty look and she was giving Justin a dirty look, uh, we get in the car, uh, they started just bickering like they usually do, you know back and forth and back and forth, and uh we were probably in the car I guess for about, I don't know, ten minutes or so, before uh finally she just, we were at a stop light I guess it was at I think it's 435, I'm not really familiar with that area.

OFFICER:      You got to the Dairy Queen.
CASE:            Mmm-hmm.

OFFICER:      She got into the car.
CASE:            Right.

OFFICER:      And whose car were you in?
CASE:            Justin's.

OFFICER:      And he was driving?
CASE:            Yeah.

OFFICER:      Okay. And you left the Dairy Queen.
CASE:            Right.

Police Interview: Byron Case 10/24/1997
OFFICER:      Where did you go?
CASE:            Uh, we, uh, we were gonna actually follow through with the original plan. We drove over to Mt. Washington, uh there were I think, I don't know, Justin was like, there was a car that had come around the corner and I guess since it was after hours, he didn't want to be in the cemetery after hours and get in trouble for that, so we just left.

OFFICER:      Justin.
CASE:            What?

OFFICER:      Justin didn't want to be in there after dark?
CASE:            Yeah. Yeah. Uh, so basically we just, you know, we pretty much just drove through, I mean we stopped at one point and were about to get out of the car but then the car, the other car came up, we assumed it was a grounds keeper, and we were like, okay, well, let's just leave then. Uh,. . .

OFFICER:      Were they out of the car? Or were out of the car?
CASE:            Uh, yeah, yeah, we'd all gotten out of the car at least for a second. I mean, it was probably like for quite honestly under 30 seconds that we were outside of the car. Then we saw the car coming around the corner. . .

Police Interview: Byron Case 10/24/1997
OFFICER:      Was it, was it after dark?
CASE:            Yeah. Yeah, it was.

OFFICER:      Do you remember about what time it might be?
CASE:            I have no idea. I didn't have, I don't carry a watch or anything. But, uh, so we drove, we left Mt. Washington like pretty much immediately uh, and then we were just driving. We came to, that was when we came to 435, or what I assume it is, um, it's about two blocks west of, yeah, two blocks west of, yeah, two blocks west of Erotic City, that's like the only landmark I'm, that I can think of. Uh, there's like a gas station up there, too, but I don't have the name of it. Um, so we were at the stop light, we were waiting on the light, and Anastasia just says, fuck it, I'm getting out of the car, basically. And she just tried to get out of the car. Justin you know, said, you're being a baby, stop it. Uh, you know, get back in the car. She was like no, I'm just gonna leave. And she closed the door and walked off.
She'd done that a lot, though. I mean she just, like, leaves. I mean, I've borne witness to this, like, you know, a lot before, so it wasn't a big deal really. I mean, we didn't think that it was a bad part of town or anything. We didn't think that, well, you know, she could, like, we just didn't think about it at all. And, uh, and that was pretty much it. I mean, we didn't consider anything. We just said well, she does this a lot, she's probably going to just call her parents, get a ride home, no big deal. And we just drove home, uh, or actually, yeah, we did. We went back to Justin's for a little while. Uh, probably about, uh, half an hour or so. Um, played some more Nintendo, I called my friend Abraham who had paged me, uh, Abraham Kniesley I mentioned earlier. Um, and he was just, you know, wanting me to stop by his ex-girlfriend's and pick up some stuff for him. So, Kelly has to be home at 9:00, so we figured well, it's 8:30, we left, we took Kelly home, uh, we drove back into town, we stopped at Abraham's ex-girlfriend's house, uh I dropped off a pair of her pants and a letter from Abraham, we were there for like 15 minutes, and uh, and then Justin took me home. That was about 10:00.

Police Interview: Byron Case 10/24/1997
OFFICER:      And when you were-at Kelly's house in Kansas, did uh, you go in the house?
CASE:            Yeah, yeah we both, Justin and I both went in. And he called, uh, he called Anastasia's parents from there and asked, like, you know, if she had called yet, just to be sure that she was okay. And her parents were like, well no, or no, actually, I think she talked to, or I think he talked to her sister, and she was like, well no, she hasn't called yet. He explained what had happened and, uh, uh, that, you know, it was no big deal. I mean, we still didn't think about it too much, I mean, I was kind of concerned, Justin was concerned as well, and uh, you know, but we still didn't really think about it. We figured she had probably gone somewhere to brood or something.

OFFICER:      Okay, when you said Justin explained what had happened, did he explain to .
CASE:            Francesca, her sister. .

OFFICER:      … did he explain what you have explained to us. She got out of the car … .
CASE:            Yeah, mm-hm.

OFFICER:      All that?
CASE:            Yeah, I mean, I wasn't listening in on the conversation, or anything, I mean, but from what, you know, from what I remember, that's all that he said was that, you know, she had gotten out of the car and.

OFFICER:      You heard him telling this to this person?
CASE:            Yeah.

OFFICER:      Okay, and after you left there then you went to where?
CASE:            After we left Kelly's?

OFFICER:      Yes.
CASE:            Um, then we went over to uh, Tara, that's Abraham's girlfriend's place, we went over to her house and I dropped off some stuff, and picked up uh the key to Abraham's car from her.

OFFICER:      And from there you went?
CASE:            From there I went home. Justin dropped me off. You know.

OFFICER:      To the house on Central?
CASE:            Right.

OFFICER:      Okay. And about what time was that?
CASE:            It was about 10: 00 because I remember glancing at the clock on the dashboard just to see what time it was coming home, you know.

OFFICER:      Okay, did Justin go in the house with you?
CASE:            No, he stayed in the car.

OFFICER:      Did, uh, he say anything about what he was going to do?
CASE:            He said he was just going to go home and go to sleep.

OFFICER:      He didn't say he was going to try to find Anastasia or anything?
CASE:            No. I mean, that's, it was a bit unusual I thought, for Justin to go to sleep at 10:00, he usually goes, stays up till like 2:00 or so, or sometimes 3:00 in the morning. So.

OFFICER:      Okay, and when was the next time that you spoke with Justin?
CASE:            I talked to Justin the next morning at about 9:00, it was about 9:00 he woke me up. Um, which, again is pretty unusual, because you know, he keeps such. . .

OFFICER:      He woke you up, he called you on the telephone?
CASE:            Yeah. Yeah. Um, actually, or did he page me? I don't really remember, I think he called me, though. Uh, it was just so early in the morning I didn't even pay attention. But, uh, and it was, it just kinda struck me as odd, I was like, you realize what time it is? He's like, uh yeah, it's 9:00. It's like, why are you up? He said, well I had trouble sleeping last night. I don't remember what the conversation was about, because I was just so tired I was just like, well, could you call me back later? He says, yeah, cool, I'll call you back this afternoon. And, uh, I tried to call him later, 'cause he hadn't called me yet. Uh, and I haven't been able to talk to him since. I tried, I tried like 8 or 9 times yesterday alone, just to get a hold of him. I think I tried to call him this morning, too. Or, no, I talked to his dad this morning, actually.

OFFICER:      Okay, when uh, did you call his dad?
CASE:            Yeah. I called his dad last night. Um, after I heard everything, I got the number from Kelly. Like last night when Kelly and I were, uh, well my mom dropped us, me and Kelly off at her house yesterday, because I had to go in for a job interview and Kelly came with me for it. Um, so she dropped us off at Kelly's house and from there I called, because she had the number, I called his dad at

OFFICER:      Okay, and what did you and Justin's dad talk about?
CASE:            Uh, I basically told him about the situation. I left a message saying that, you know, I was wondering, uh, if he had contacted them at all. Um, I was kind of concerned because it seemed really odd that, you know, Anastasia turned up dead, and he was gone for, like, such a long period of time. So, um, I just told him, you know, what had happened, that, the story on the news that I had seen, what I had heard from you know, my friend Abraham, 'cause I hadn't yet seen the news, uh, so I mean that was basically all I had to go on.

OFFICER:      Okay. What uh, do you happen to know if Justin had any hand guns?
CASE:            No, no he never had any, any hand guns as far as I know. I mean, he had a, he bought a shotgun a while back, uh, he sold that about a month ago, I guess. Or, not a month a go, about three weeks ago I guess.

OFFICER:      What's uh Justin's last name, besides, uh, what you know him by?
CASE:            What do you . . . ?

OFFICER:      Have you ever heard of him having another last name?
CASE:            Huh-uh. No.

OFFICER:      Isn't he adopted?
CASE:            Uh, no, he has a step-father.

OFFICER:      Okay, where does the name of Riley come in at? Have you ever heard him use that name?
CASE:            Huh-uh, I never heard, no.

Police Interview: Byron Case 10/24/1997
OFFICER:      R-E-I-L-L-E-Y? What's his temper when he's around Anastasia? Besides arguing and everything. Did you ever see them physically get involved?
CASE:            Oh, no. No, Justin's like one of the most passive people that I know. He, like I said, he's just really apathetic about everything, it seems like. Uh, he never, you know, he never hit her. She was usually, she was actually the violent one in the relationship. I mean, she'd, you know, if she got upset with him she'd throw things at him, or hit him or something like that. He would never do anything back. You know, he would restrain her sometimes, you know, to keep him, keep her from hitting him, but that was pretty much it.

OFFICER:      You saw her hit him before?
CASE:            No, I never have. I just heard, you know, I've heard about it.

OFFICER:      Okay. The shotgun that you said he owned. Are you sure it's a shotgun?
CASE:            Oh, yeah, yeah. Yeah, it' was like, I don't know what it was, I just know it was like a Remington and it was black.

OFFICER:      Okay, did you ever see any bullets or shells for it?
CASE:            No, I never did.

OFFICER:      The barrel opening, was it little, big, anything.
CASE:            I think it was big, I don't really remember.

OFFICER:      Okay. And why did he buy it?
CASE:            Um, he never really said. I mean, I never really asked either. He was, I mean it wasn't a really big deal. I didn't think of it, I guess. I don't know. I would assume that it was probably, you know, just for sport. I have no idea, though. I mean, like I said, I never spoke with him of it.

OFFICER:      Can you say why he sold it?
CASE:            Uh, no, he just basically didn't want it anymore. So, and, I remember he bought it for $300, it was like from Wal-Mart. He bought it for $300, and he sold it for $150. And so he was obviously, I mean I guess he didn't care because it's his parents' money anyway. So.

OFFICER:      Where did he go last weekend?
CASE:            Uh, last weekend he as in Tulsa.

OFFICER:      Why?
CASE:            Huh?

OFFICER:      Why?
CASE:            To visit his parents.

OFFICER:      Did he go out there for a specific reason?
CASE:            No, not that I know of.

OFFICER:      Uh, is he still in school?
CASE:            Uh, he wasn't. He was going to UMKC for while. Uh, I don't know exactly when he stopped going to classes, but he just, uh, I think he mentioned something like having gotten reimbursed, they sent him a check because he, he officially dropped out, or something.

OFFICER:      You didn't hear him say anything that he as going to go back this weekend and tell his parents about him dropping out of school and as going to start up next semester?
CASE:            I don't remember. He probably would have. I mean, that may have been why he went down, but I don't, they don't know, I know for sure that they don't know that he dropped out though.

OFFICER:      His dad say that he saw him down there last weekend?
CASE:            I didn't - - no. He didn't say anything. I didn't ask him.

OFFICER:      Do you think Justin would be capable of doing something like this?
CASE:            I personally don't think so. I mean, Justin's, Justin's like he's five years old. I mean, he's, he's just a kid at heart. I mean, I never.

OFFICER:      Where do you think he went at 10:00 that night after he dropped you off?
CASE:            Well, I assume he went home. I mean, I can't imagine…

OFFICER:      Does he have any places where he goes to be by himself, any special places?
CASE:            He stays at home. He pretty much doesn't leave the house, like, ever. And then, unless I'm around him or you know, Kelly or I, both usually.

OFFICER:      What was the attraction to cemeteries?
CASE:            I don't know. I mean, all of us have kind of had it. I mean, Anastasia had it, you know, she just, I don't know, it's just quiet. It's a nice place to go and think.

OFFICER:      Okay. Did Justin have any of these places that he went, just to think?
CASE:            No, he just stayed at home. I mean, he never went anywhere, really. That I, I mean, that I remember. That I know of. He used to go to coffee shops a lot, but he stopped doing that after a while. So.

OFFICER:      Uh, where does Tara McDowell live, do you know her address?
CASE:            Not off hand, I mean. . .

OFFICER:      Do you know her phone number?
CASE:            Uh, it was actually disconnected like, about a week ago.

OFFICER:      Was she a good friend of Anastasia's?
CASE:            I wouldn't say she was a good friend, but, I mean, I think Anastasia considered her a good friend. Uh, Tara was kind of annoyed with her just because she always called and, uh, I don't know, just basically complained about the same thing, uh, Justin being apathetic and, you know, whatever the situation was. So.

OFFICER:      Could you please give me a little sketch of the area where you believe that, uh, Anastasia got out of the car?
CASE:            Uh, I'm not really good with this. Um, I guess it's Truman Road, uh, it comes down and it, well actually it kinda curves I think. And then there's a bridge here, um.

OFFICER:      Where's Erotic City?
CASE:            That would have been, I guess, right about here, and then

Police Interview: Byron Case 10/24/1997
OFFICER:      And which way were you.
CASE:            We were coming down, this is, uh, that's north. Uh, we were coming down,_ there's like this big curve here, uh, and then there's like Erotic City and like over here there's a really old bridge, and I think like right before it's like another adult store. Uh, and then like down here, uh, 435 I think. There's a stop light right there, like right before you go under the bridge, and that's where she got out at.

OFFICER:      It's right there at the 435 intersection?
CASE:            Yeah, it was like, I mean we were just parked right there and she just left.

OFFICER:      Before you went under the bridge?
CASE:            Yeah. I think that right over here there's a sign that, well, it's a little bit further, it's like right here there's a sign that says Entering Independence. So.

OFFICER:      Okay, so you all were traveling towards Kansas City?
CASE:            Yeah, we were going to Justin's condo.

OFFICER:      Okay, and that's when she got out?
CASE:            Mmm-hmm.

OFFICER:      Okay. Anything you would like to add?
CASE:            Well, that's pretty much all I can think of. Um, no, there's nothing.

OFFICER:      Does Abraham live with Tara?
CASE:            No, he used to. He was living with them for a while, or with her for a while and, uh, and then they had a falling through and they broke up and now she's like got another boyfriend or something.

OFFICER:      What's you pager number?
CASE:            Uh, (redacted

OFFICER:      Care if I ever call you on that?
CASE:            No, that's fine.

Police Interview: Byron Case 10/24/1997
OFFICER:      Okay. Did Justin ever talk about committing suicide?
CASE:            Uh, I never thought he would. He just seemed to, I don't know, he really, he didn't have any convictions about anything it seemed like. I mean, he couldn't stick to one thing for very long. So. I mean, he would talk about it occasionally, I know he had attempts in the past, uh, quite a few actually. Um, and last night he did, after Anastasia got out of the car, he, I don't know, we were driving down Truman Road and we were going over, uh, I guess it was like railroad tracks or something, I don't know, but uh, and he was mentioning how, you know he was like, ‘geez’, I don't know, how I'm thinking about, you know, tonight, I should just kill myself. I just thought he was being silly.

OFFICER:      Why would he say that?
CASE:            I don't know, I guess he was upset about what happened.

OFFICER:      But you actually heard him say that?
CASE:            Mm-hmm.

OFFICER:      Was he on any medication that you know of?
CASE:            Um, he had been, he had a prescription to Prozac, uh, I don't know what the dosage or anything was, but uh, he uh, he'd actually, I think he'd stopped taking that about two months ago, or a month and a half ago. And then he had a prescription for sleeping pills because he always had trouble sleeping. But that's it. That's all that I know of anyway.

OFFICER:      Was she more like a pain in his side, is that how he felt about her?
CASE:            Yeah, pretty much. He was, he was always talking about you know, how annoying she was, and I mean, I kind of considered her the same way, because she would always call me at wierd hours and, you know, ask me about you know, stuff that basically could have waited until she knew that I was going to be awake. Um, you know, it was usually about Justin, when she called, but I mean, yeah, she was just, everybody that talked to her pretty much thought that she was kind of annoying.

OFFICER:      You don't think Justin would do something like this to get her out of his life?
CASE:            No, I mean, I think, if anything, he would have just like put her on call blocker and just ignored her. I mean, I don't, I hardly think that he would do something like that.

OFFICER:      Justin have any other friends that he would go over and visit with or run around with?
CASE:            Aside from, aside from Tara, no. I mean that was pretty much it. I haven't checked over there or talked to her since this whole thing, well, I mean, it's like you know, when I dropped off and picked up some stuff, but uh, no, I haven't talked to her since then. I asked her if she had heard from Anastasia, just you know, to see if, 'cause Anastasia usually talks to uh Tara about all of her problems when she can't talk to me, and since she was upset at me anyway, I didn't figure she'd call. So.

OFFICER:      Do you know where Justin's at right now?
CASE:            I have no idea. I stopped by, I stopped by the condo last night, uh, before going into my job interview at 7: 00, so it was probably about 6: 40 I guess when I stopped by there and his car was gone. Um, which was kind of a thing, because I was worried for a while that he may have committed suicide at the condominium, you know, if he had, it was just, it's really wierd for him not to pick up the phone. Uh, you know, if he's there. I mean, unless it's Anastasia, he'll like just ignore her a lot of times, she'll leave a message on the machine and then he'll you know, usually call back like the next day when he feels like talking to her.

OFFICER:      Do you have a picture of Justin?
CASE:            Um, no, actually. I used to, but. .

OFFICER:      When he has talked about suicide, has he ever talked about how he would do it?
CASE:            Hmm-mmm. I mean, he, he, he's talked about a lot of different ways that he's tried. He's tried poisoning himself, like probably about five times, I imagine, I don't know. I mean, we never really got into specifics about it. Uh, I think he once tried to hang himself, but I'm not really sure about that either. Um, I know that, I think, actually, come to think of it, I think I recall that when he bought the shotgun, he did mention, or he had mentioned something before he bought the shotgun actually, about um, just shooting himself and getting it allover with beCause his life you know, was just so pointless is what he said. So. I mean, I was thinking for a while that that may have been why he bought it, and I was kind of concerned, but I, he didn't, he obviously didn't do anything with it, so I wasn't really, it was just kinda like, heh!

OFFICER:      Did he have any other guns that you know of?
CASE:            I think he would have probably showed it to me if he did. 'Cause I mean, he and I were pretty close.

OFFICER:      Did he bring a gun back from Oklahoma this last weekend?
CASE:            I have no idea. He didn't mention it to me if he did.

OFFICER:      If you get a hold of him, if you hear from him, will you get hold of one of us?
CASE:            Oh, yeah, definitely. I mean. .

OFFICER:      And let us know about it?
CASE:            I mean, I'm definitely, I'm pretty scared for him.actually. I mean, 'cause I know that, you know, this is just so weird.

OFFICER:      We're not going to arrest him, we need to talk to him though.
CASE:            Well, yeah, I mean I realize that. It's just that I think it's very bad of him to have left when he did for whatever his reasons.

OFFICER:      Has he ever talked about going anywhere?
CASE:            Oh, yeah. Um, he once, he just, he has this, basically he wants to spend the rest of his life in, in like, Europe. He wants, I think he, I mean, he's talked about Berlin, he's talked about France, and he's talked about the UK, and, uh, other than that, he really doesn't want to be anywhere else. I mean, he hates the United States, really. He doesn't like being here. So.

OFFICER:      Are you aware our conversation is being tape recorded?
CASE:            Yes.

The interview concluded at approximately 1109 hours.
Sgt. Gary M. Kilgore