Email correspondence from Byron Case
to Patrick Rock on 22 December 1997.

Emphasis is added to highlight particular information, and may have been edited for brevity and/or privacy.

This correspondence is the second in the first dialogue between Byron Case and Anastasia's family. He makes the claim here that Justin and Anastasia were literally his closest friends, and sets himself up as being unique among Anastasia's mourners for that fact.

He lists his "reasons" for not stopping her when she allegedly got out of Justin's car on that fatal night, claiming ignorance of how bad the area was, even though he could tell police two days after the murder that he knew it contained two adult book stores,(1) indicating he knew more about the area than he professed.

He dismisses any idea that Justin could have been the killer, but does not wish to speculate further, as it only would serve to "disturb" him.

Subject: Answers
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 13:13:11 -0600
From: Byron Case
To: Patrick Rock

Justin and Anastasia had been in each other's hair for at least a month previous, having had numerous "breakups" (typically lasting only a day), as well as countless occasions where Anastasia would storm out of Justin's condo, throwing things and being completely irrational. In the beginning, we would all make an effort to console and/or stop her from leaving. These incidents evolved into an annoyance when she began snapping at the people who were trying to help her. There were two distinct reasons that I, personally, did not attempt to stop her: I was so used to her being uncooperative in these instances, that it seemed moot to attempt anything; and my ignorance of the reputation for the area being a bad one. I simply assumed that she would walk to a pay phone and call her family for a ride.

Unlike the rest of Anastasia's mourners, I literally had the death of my two CLOSEST friends to deal with, as well as work and a relationship. My support system was limited to the company of my girlfriend, Kelly. I fail to see what relevance it has that I didn't call her mother more than once. It was certainly not because I don't care, because I do ... perhaps more than most.

>> What do YOU believe happened to her on that night?
Just as I am at a loss for ideas about Justin's reasons for suicide, I am baffled as to why or by whom Anastasia would have been shot. Kelly and I have speculated on reasons for both, and have drawn nothing, other than Justin having been morbidly depressed about their relationship (which seemed to be quite prevalent during their last week), and Anastasia's death having been a complete coincidence. The idea that the entire ordeal had been planned (Justin shoots her, then himself) also passed through our minds, but was quickly dismissed ... Justin would probably have told me about it. I am trying not to speculate too much, however, as it only serves to disturb me.

As for sharing my E-mail with Anastasia's father, be my guest. The idea was not for the message to be exclusive, but shared. Abraham, Kelly and myself are all tired of reading dramatic accusations about our "web of silence" and the like. We are all waiting to see the conclusion, and hope that it comes soon.

Byron C. Case

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