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Letters, Interviews, and other Documents
The following is a list of various documents cited on this web site that are otherwise not placed in any collection and are unavailable execpt as hypertext links from another site document. They include letters, police interviews and reports, transcripts, and court rulings, among others.

file typeDescription
October 20, 1997HTMLLetter from Anastasia to Justin, left on his PC
October 22, 1997HTMLAerial photo of the area of the crime scene, from GoogleEarth
October 23, 1997JPGMap of Mt. Washington Cemetery and surrounding area
October 24 1997HTMLPolice canvas of businesses along Truman Road corridor
October 24 1997HTMLFirst Police interview with Anastasia's killer
October 28 1997HTMLObituary and photo of Justin Bruton
October 29 1997PDFReport on interview with Peige Turner
October 31 1997PDFPolice interview with Abraham Kneisley
November 1 1997JPGFirst reward poster
November 5 1997PDFJackson County Medical Examiner's Report
December 4 1997PDFPolice interview with Steve Elliott
December 17 1997PDFReport on interview with Karen Turner
February 3 1998HTMLPolice interview with Tara McDowell
May 1 1998JPGSecond reward poster
August 1 1998JPGThird reward poster
August 29 1998HTMLTranscript of phone conversation between JCSD
Detective Gary Kilgore and Anastasia's killer
September 21 1998PDFReport by Sgt. Gary Kilgore concerning Byron Case's vehicle
February 8, 1999HTMLOffer of limited immunity sent to Anastasia's killer's attorney
July 29 1999HTMLSecond and last interview with Anastasia's killer
July 29 1999HTMLPolice report on interview with Robert WitbolsFeugen
February 1 2001 to
June 10 2001
HTMLOnline diary by Anastasia's killer, ending day before arrest
June 5 2001HTMLTranscript of 1st phone conversation between Anastasia's
killer and his accuser, including his tacit admission.
June 5 2001MP3MP3 audio file of phone conversation above.
June 7 2001HTMLTranscript of 2nd phone conversation
between Anastasia's killer and his accuser
June 11 2001HTMLCharges filed against Anastasia's killer
June 11 2001PDFHandwritten report of arrest by Detective DeValkenaere
April 13 2004HTML1st Appeal: Missouri Court of Appeals ruling
October 7 2005PDF2nd Appeal: Jackson County Circuit Court ruling
January 17 2006PDF3rd Appeal: Missouri Court of Appeals ruling
March 13 2007PDFNews release from Missouri Department of Corrections
November 15 2010HTMLFinal denial: Denial of writ of certiorari
by the U.S. Supreme Court

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