CASE # 9711829
S U P P L E M E N T A R Y   R E P O R T

On 10-24-97, Sgt. Joseph Becker conducted a canvas of the businesses in the Blue Summit area. The purpose of the canvas to see if anyone had seen Ms. Witbolsfeugen the evening of 10-23-97.

Sgt. Becker located on individual that remembered seeing a female subject he recognized as Ms. Witbolsfeugen walking east on Truman Rd. at approximately 2030 hrs., 10-22-97.

The results of Sgt. Becker’s canvas are attached to this report.

End of report.

                  Sgt. Gary Kilgore #18

Gleason’s Liquor
8407 E. Truman Road, Kansas City, Mo., Phone 833-4103
Assistant Manager
Linda Stutes – Victim looks familiar, remembers smile. Works days
Robert Adkins is night clerk who worked Wednesday night, not available at the time

Erotic City
8401 E. Truman Road, Kansas City, Mo., Phone 252-3370
Security 4pm to 12pm
Howard Fincher home phone xxx-xxxx
Clerk 4pm to 12pm.
Cindy Fincher, Howard’s wife – Both say victim and boyfriend look familiar. Both picked victim and boyfriend’s picture without hesitation. Deny seeing picture on TV. Don’t remember seeing either on Wednesday night.

Campbell Oil
8301 E. Truman Road, Kansas City, Mo., Phone 833-1305
Night Manager
Richard Busick doesn’t remember anyone pictured.
Susan Herbert home phone xxx-xxxx – Says victim is familiar, Boyfriend very familiar remembers he buys soda when he comes in. Doesn’t remember kind of car he drives.

Truman Road Standard Station
8231 E. Truman Road, Kansas City, Mo. Phone 254-3399
Clerk 2pm to 10pm.
Patricia Tuffen home phone xxx-xxxx – Says the victim looks familiar and so does boyfriend and second female. Says night mechanic would probably remember the girls.
Night Mechanic 2pm to 10pm
Don Rand home phone xxx-xxxx – Says he remembers the victim walking east across the drive at about 8:30 p.m. He says he looked up saw her walking and thought she was attactive. Couldn’t tell if she was upset of emotional at all. Distance of about 50 feet.

After Dark Book Store
8801 E. Truman Road, Kansas City, Mo. Phone 461-3150
Night Clerk 4pm to 12pm.
Billie D. Fortner home phone xxx-xxxx---Says she saw a Dark Blue Station wagon drive through her lot from the south heading east on Truman Road and heard a loud bang about the same time. Gives time as about 6:30 pm or as late as 7:15 p.m.
Also says that at about 9:30pm two white females came into store acting strangely. Said went to back of store and talked to her about how easy it would be to steal. A third white female came in and spoke to the first two. As she left, one of the first two females said “do you want me to come for protection?”. The third female left in a white car. The first two left in a small foreign car unknown type on any of the vehicle mentioned.
White Females Described as follows
First two: female one: white female 26-27 5’08” 180 (heavy set) with brown hair. female two: white female 25-26 5’00” 110 dark brown hair skinny. Was wearing white shirt, dark green jeans and had mud on the front of her shirt. Very dirty. One and two left in a small foreign car.
Third female: white female 28 5’03” 135 with dark brown short frizzy hair. Left in white car.