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NOTE: [Name of potential witness redacted]

On 07-15-99, at approximately 1540 hrs., Robert Witbolsfeugen contacted me.

Mr. Witbolsfeugen wanted to know which version I needed Patrick Rock to sign. Mr. Witbolsfeugen is referring to Mr. Rock being a computer expert and the document requested, is a signed document stating the JCSD is responsible for the virus on the computer. I told Mr. Witbolsfeugen any signed document regarding his expert opinion would do.

I asked Mr. Witbolsfeugen if he faxed the image to the JCSD on 07-14-99, he said he did. I asked him why and said he wanted us to know he was still thinking of his daughter and it was her birthday. Mr. Witbolsfeugen stated, "it was an emotional impulse only. That it had nothing to do with the investigation." I also asked Mr. Witbolsfeugen about the subject he had told me about named A---. Mr. Witbolsfeugen stated that A---'s last name is C--- and that she is a friend of Paige Turner. Mr. Witbolsfeugen believes A--- is staying with Tara McDowell. According to Mr. Witbolsfeugen, McDowell has moved from the apartment on 43rd street.

Mr. Witbolsfeugen stated, on 10-25-98 he was at the coffee shop where Paige Turner worked along with several other people and he tape-recorded an interview with A---, at that time.

Mr. Witbolsfeugen stated that Byron Case had told A--- about the events of the night (10-22-97) and it was different than what Byron was telling other people. Due to this Paige Turner asked A--- to be at the coffee shop that night to speak with Mr. Witbolsfeugen.

Mr. Witbolsfeugen stated that Case told A--- that Anastasia exited the vehicle on Blue Ridge at the entrance to Lincoln Cemetery. Further information from A--- was not discussed at this time due to Mr. Witbolsfeugen stating the interview with A--- was tape recorded and that he would share that tape with me.

Present at the tape-recorded interview with A--- (according to Witbolsfeugen) were the following persons:

Karen Turner
Patrick Rock
Paige Turner
Katie Witbolsfeugen (Robert's daughter)
Unidentified friend of Paige

Mr. Witbolsfeugen stated they believe A--- might be in some kind of danger because of the group of people she is associating with. I asked Mr. Witbolsfeugen if he has notified the police (KCPD) or DFS and he said they had not. Mr. Witbolsfeugen. stated Karen Turner has all the family information so they will contact DFS.

Mr. Witbolsfeugen stated he does not know who killed Anastasia, he believes Justin wanted to tell the truth and was killed. This is the reason no one is coming forward because of fear of being killed. Mr. Witbolsfeugen stated Byron Case is not talking for fear of being killed. Mr. Witbolsfeugen stated he does not believe Case killed Anastasia.

When asked ifhe knew of anyone that Byron Case has had contact with and told his story to, Mr. Witbolsfeugen stated there was an adult friend of Karen Turner's that overheard the conversation between Steve Elliott and the individual that Byron Case told of handing the gun to Justin and Justin fired the gun believing it was unloaded. Mr. Witbolsfeugen doesn't know the adult persons name, but will try to get it. Mr. Witbolsfeugen stated they have been looking for this person.

Mr. Witbolsfeugen then changed his story and said this isn't a friend of Karen's but just someone she has seen at the coffee shop. Turner only knows the subject's first name.

I asked why this information hadn't been mentioned before (especially since the controversy the interview with Elliott has created). Mr. Witbolsfeugen offered no explanation and went on to say that just the other day they were talking about how to confirm Elliott's story and Karen Turner suddenly remembered this adult person telling her he had heard the conversation of Elliott. Karen Turner even showed the person a picture of Elliott and he identified him as the same.

End of report.

Sgt. Gary M. Kilgore # 18