Map of Mount Washington Cemetery

Mountt Washington Cemetery and surrounding area

The red square at the upper right is the Dairy Queen at Winner Road and Brookside Avenue, where Anastasia was picked up by Justin Bruton, Byron Case, and Kelly Moffett.
The light green diamond below that is the north entrance of Mount Washington Cemetery. Brookside avenue, down which Byron Case and Kelly Moffett testified that they drove, runs below that and marks the eastern boundry of Mount Wasghington.
The light green square near the center marks the location of the Nelson Mausoleum, where Justin Bruton asked Anastasia to meet him, and to where he, Anastasia, Byron Case, and Kelly Moffet drove after they had picked her up at the Dairy Queen.
The dark blue diamond in the lower center is the south entrance of Mount Washington at Truman Road.
The black square in the lower left is the spot in Lincoln Cemetery where Anastasia's body was found.