Robert Beaird
Jackson County Prosecutor
Jackson County Courthouse
415 East 12th Street
Kansas City, MO 64106

February 8, 1999

Dear Mr. Sanders:

I understand that you are representing Byron Case. Sergeant Gary Kilgore from the Jackson County Sheriffs Department would like to interview Mr. Case in relation to the homicide of Anastasia WitsbolsFeugen. Ms. WitsbolsFeugen was killed on or about October 22, 1997. In a previous conversation, you told me that your client had some reservations about giving a statement unless he was offered some protection from criminal prosecution.

I cannot make an offer of immunity because I do not know what criminal activity Mr. Case may have been involved in. However, because Mr. Case is not a target of the investigation, I can agree not to use against him any information which he provides. In exchange for Mr. Case's agreement to give a truthful statement regarding the relationship of Justin Bruton and Ms.WitsbolsFeugen, the events of October 22,1997, and any knowledge or information Mr. Case has about the homicide of Ms. WitsbolsFeugen, and the death of Justin Bruton, the State agrees that his statement will not be used against him. However, if Mr. Case knowingly provides false information to the police, his statement could be used against him in a prosecution for providing false information, or obstructing justice.

This is not an offer of transactional immunity. If we were to obtain independent evidence of any criminal activity by Mr. Case from an independent source, we would be free to prosecute him.

If these conditions are acceptable to you, please schedule an appointment with Sgt. Kilgore at 524-4302.


Jeff Bushur
Assistant Prosecuting Attorney