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Newspaper accounts of Anastasia's murder

The following are the newspaper articles that appeared in The Kansas City Star, the Olathe Daily News, and the Independence Examiner in the days immediately following the tragedy, and more that have recently appeared in the Examiner, the Star in the year that followed.

It should be noted that many of the early stories are contradictory of each other, and that some contain outright inaccuracies. We are only printing what the newspapers have printed, and with one exception have made little effort to correct most of their errors. Click here to read accounts of the arrest, trial, and conviction of Anastasia's killer.

Kansas City Star, 10/24/97 Body of student found in cemetery
Independence Examiner, 10/24/97 Homicide victim identified
Kansas City Star Metro Digest, 10/25/97 Acquaintance sought
Kansas City Star, 10/26/97 Ex-boyfriend of murder victim kills himself
Olathe Daily News, 10/27/97 Body of man sought by police found near DeSoto
Independence Examiner, 10/27/97 Girl's last night still a mystery
Kansas City Star Metro Digest, 10/28/97 Tests on Gun
Kansas City Star Metro Digest, 12/16/97 Reward Offered
Independence Examiner, 12/16/97 Man's family posts reward in shooting
Kansas City Star, 12/23/97 Cyber Memorial
Kansas City Star Metro Digest, 01/11/98 Mystery enshrouds couple's deaths
Independence Examiner, 07/09/98 Father seeking information in woman`s death
Independence Examiner, 08/29/98 Victim`s father questions murder investigation
Kansas City Star Metro Digest, 10/29/98 Memorial Vigil
Independence Examiner, 10/29/98 Homicide victim's family holding vigil
Kansas City Star, 10/30/98 Candlelight vigil marks anniversary of teen's killing
Kansas City Star, 04/23/99 Goths in KC area upset that Colorado suspects have been linked to their culture
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