Independence Examiner, Monday 10/27/97

Girl's last night still a mystery

By Rebecca Shelton

The Examiner

About the same time early Thursday morning that police found an 18-year-old Independence woman slain in a cemetery, her father was filing a police report in Independence because he was concerned about her safety.

Anastasia E. WitbolsFeugen was found shot around 4 a.m., Thursday, in the Lincoln Cemetery. Jackson County Sheriff's deputies located her in the cemetery just east of Independence in Blue Summit.

On Friday, her boyfriend, Justin Bruton, was found dead in rural Johnson County, Kan., near DeSoto. He died from a self-inflicted gunshot, police say.

The Jackson County Sheriff's Department was this morning continuing to investigate the death of WitbolsFeugen as a homicide. They will not say whether Bruton is suspected of killing her.

The night of WitbolsFeugen's death, according to police reports, Bruton made a call to his girlfriend's father. And it was this phone call that prompted the father to call Independence police.

The father told police that Bruton said he and Anastasia had gotten into an argument and that he, Bruton, "threw" her out of the car in the area of Interstate 435 and Truman Road.

The Lincoln Cemetery is in the 8400 block of Truman Road, just east of I-435.

The father said that his daughter and Bruton had dated for about two months. He said to his knowledge, nothing such as this had occurred before. he said the events of the night were uncaharacteristic of his daughter, and he was concerned about her safety. He also said she would not have been drinking.

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