Kansas City Star, Tuesday 12/23/97

Cyber Memorial

A new World Wide Web page is telling the world about slain Independence teen-ager Anastasia WitbolsFeugen.

WitbolsFeugen, 18, was found shot to death in Lincoln Cemetery Oct. 22, and the killing remains unsolved.

The Web page is a memorial to WitbolsFeugen's life. It tells how she enjoyed the Latin club at Lincoln Prep High School, wrote articles for the school's underground newspaper and loved the Beatles. It also showcases several pictures of WitbolsFeugen, displays three poems she had written and provides links to her favorite Web sites.

Her father, Robert WitbolsFeugen, said he plans to add sound to the page so people can click on an icon and hear her voice.

The Web page asks anyone with any information about WitbolsFeugen's last day to contact authorities.

The Web address is:


--Rasheeda Crayton
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