Case re-creates the crime -- Letter Nine

            15th of October

Dear White,

    The last month has been a trying one for 
myself and my friends, but I see a faint 
glimmer of hope on the horizon.  Our two 
favorite lovebirds seem to have reached an 
impasse in their amorous affair and now 
seem content being mere acquaintances, 
which appears to please both of them.
Relations between myself and my beloved 
Kelly have begun to revert to their initial 
romantic state.  At Justin's behest, I spoke 
with her about my thoughts and emotions 
regarding her unethical behavior.  Her 
responses soothed my nerves a bit.
Naturally, I am still uneasy, but trus 
returns slowly and I do not expect to over- 
come my jealousy overnite.  I love her with 
all my heart, White.  She is my reason for 
waking and breathing.  Loving her over one 
transgression, no matter how dire, would 
scarcely end me.

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