Case re-creates the crime -- Letter Ten, Page One

            29th September

Dear White,

    Anastasia sent for Justin last nite, that 
they might discuss personal matters.  Kelly 
and I accompanied him in the carriage. 
Upon joining us, Anastasia began asking 
Justin questions about the nature of their 
relationship.  At one point the carriage 
stopped and she asked him if he loved her...
his answer obviously did not satisfy.  She 
stepped out of the car, very upset, and 
began walking away.  We all paused for a  
moment, taking into account what had 
just happened.  Then the carriage con-
tinued on its way and no one gave any 
word for the driver to stop.

    Why is this relevant to you, you ask?  I
shall tell you.  Since that carriage ride and 
this morning, Anastasia was murdered.  The 
police found her body early this morning in 
a cemetery outside of town.  She was shot to 
death in the head.  I am at a loss for words

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