Case re-creates the crime -- Letter Ten, Page Two

to express how I feel.  I knew the girl since 
we were schoolchildren.  She was so young... 
so thoughtful.  Kelly and I have spent all 
day in mourning.  It wasn't until this 
evening that I was able to calm myself 
enough to write to you.

    To compound matters, our friend, Justin 
has turned up missing.  I fear the police 
are growing suspicious of him because of 
this.  I know in my heart that he could 
not have killed her, for he is a gentleman 
with very high principles.  Also, having 
been in his presence last nite grants me a  
firm certainty of his innocence.  I doubt 
that the police believed me when I spoke 
with them to aid their investigation.  
They seemed quite confrontational and 
at tims, outright offensive when the 
[remainder obliterated]

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