Case re-creates the crime -- Letter Eight, Page One

29th September

Dear White,

    I write you today with a mournful heart. 
My dear Kelly has betrayed me by bedding 
with another.  I am lost.  She seems to hold 
sincere regrets, yet I cannot remove these 
visions from my mind.  The idea of someone 
placing their lips to hers and touching her-
I cannot fathom it without deep sorrow 
and anger overtaking me.  This girl was to 
be mine for all my natural life!  How can 
I be expected to trust her after such an 

    For years, I was without remorse in my 
actions, but I was almost always forthright 
with people.  There exists a small portion of 
my mind that doubts her sincerity.  Such a 
transgression by one who professed ever-
lasting devotion seems unforgivable.  It has 
ripped apart the vision of how my life was 
to be.

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