Case re-creates the crime -- Letter Seven

            21st of September

Dear Friend White,

    My life has become a beautiful dream of 
love and friendship.  The four of us (being 
Justin, Anastasia, Kelly, and myself) are 
doing fabulously.  Kelly has argreed to give 
me her hand in marriage and Justin's love 
for Anastasia has flourished in our happy 
home.  I am filled with such gaiety at our 
present states- we all share the household 
duties and continue to make regular 
group outings to the tavern.  I've never 
dreamed of friendships so pure and open as 

    I have not bothered to seek further work 
since my position with the printer.  It 
seems foolish to invoke an absence from 
this bliss by working.  I am young and 
fresh and have yet to gain any truly 
responsible tendencies.  I am, however, 
quite adept at excuses.  This shall no 
doubt be my undoing some day.  For now, 

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