Case re-creates the crime -- Letter Six

            13th of August

Dear White,

    I resigned today from my position at 
the printer.  Justin and Anastasia, 
who have taken to sharing his home, 
have invited me to take up residence 
with them.  It would not be so different 
from our current situation.  I have spent 
many a nite sleeping in Justin's sitting 
room after a long evening of mirth and 
friendly chatter.  I am still taking the 
offer under serious consideration, how-

    My dear, gorgeous, Kelly has grown 
quite precious to me.  We have spent 
many a nite staring at the sky and 
conversing.  Should I take the offer to 
change residence, I shall have to do it on 
the condition that she accompany me.
[remainder obliterated]

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