Case re-creates the crime -- Letter Five, Page One

            20th of May

Dear White,

    You should be pleased with what I am 
about to tell you.  I have found employment 
with a printing company.  I am to run the 
presses and various other contraptions.  The 
wage is far better than that of my last job 
and I think I shall find the work to be far 
more stimulating than my previous position 
serving food and drink to conceited gluttons.
Saying such things makes me feel disgusted 
at the state of society.  Oh, but never mind 
that.  I have news:

    Justin and myself have taken quite a 
liking to each other's company.  It seems he 
shares my loathing for people and this 
makes for excellent chats about politics 
and current goings-on.  I took the liberty of 
introducing him to a lady-friend of mine 
named Anastasia.  My hope is that they 
begin courting for she is a lovely, innocent 
thing and deserves the affections of such a 

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