Case re-creates the crime -- Letter Four

            8th of May

Dear White,

    It would seem I've found a rather unlikely
friend in your old colleague, Justin [last name obliterated]
This evening whilst reading the paper at the 
tavern, he approached me and politely 
asked to impose for a pinch of smoking 
tobacco.  I graciously obliged, and no sooner 
than he had it in his hands, tore it apart 
and threw it on the table.  Following this, 
he repeated his initial request as though the 
first had never been heard.  At first I 
thought him incredibly rude, but upon 
speaking with him a bit, I found him to be 
quite an amusing conversationalist.  His
delightful stories of travels to other countries 
rival my own and I simply must speak with 
him further!

    You have chosen some of the most wonder-
fully mad people for friends, White.  I think 
I have finally begun to understand the 
relationship between [remainder obliterated]

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