Case re-creates the crime -- Letter Three

            1st of January

Dear Mr. White,

    I must apologize for the length of my 
silence, for I have been far too busy with 
work and my newfound compatriots to 
write to you.  Please forgive me. 

    It is now well after mid-nite and I am 
sitting at my desk listening to the 
joyous noise outside.  Alas, the thrill of 
welcoming a new year is lost with me. 
It now seems such folly to revel with 
food and drink.  At times I think of us 
aristocrats born to the financial state 
of a pauper, for you and I see ourselves 
so lofty but ar nothing more than 
middle class men.  True, our good 
schooling was a rare thing for those of 
our class, but should being well- 
learned be reason enough to inspire 
selfishness and egotism?  Does
knowledge impart conceit?  Perhaps it 
is conceit which causes one to seek out

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