Case re-creates the crime -- Letter Two

            6th of July

Dear Mr. White,

    Today I began work for a costly eating-
place in town.  My duties are to seat and 
serve the patrons.  I know you would wish 
me working for a publisher or some such 
thing, but I must follow my own will if I 
am to learn.  The pay is meager, but I 
may eat my fill at the end of the day for 
no cost what-so-ever.  Such things are 
important to a man in my position.

    The tavern just around the way is 
one which I have visted before and plan 
to begin frequenting again.  Many of my 
old compatriots still go there to have dis-
cussions or play chess while having their 
drinks.  I should like to take up with 
them again.  With my refreshed ----
[remainer obliterated]

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