Case re-creates the crime -- Letter One, Page One

            17th of June

Dear Mr. White,

    You may be wondering how it is that 
I am writing to you.  I shall explain.  At 
long last, I was released from my cell at 
[obliterated].  The realization that I am now 
a free man yet remains to dawn on me.  
It would not seem strange where I to wake 
in the morning to the familiar sound of 
prisoners jabbering.  Upon my release, I 
promptly contacted a lady-friend whose 
carriage escorted me home.  I had no desire 
to speak my thoughts with my riding 
companion, as it had been an exhausting 
day, but rest assured I am quite reformed.

    I am no longer the reprehensible soul 
most remember me as and this both thrills 
and confounds me.  Before the time I spent 
locked away, I was a regular scoundrel.  
Were I a woman, they’d have called me a 
filthy harlot.  Yet now, as I look down 

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