Case re-creates the crime -- Letter One, Page Two

onto the street below, I have no wicked 
thoughts involving those around me.  I 
have been cleansed.  Not by some power 
divine (for both you and I know, such 
thoughts are for peasants and those 
comfortable with being downtrodden), 
but by my own indomitable human 

    Upon my homecoming tonite, I 
bathed myself in the hottest water I 
could abide and dressed .  Such things 
are a luxury when one has grown 
accustomed to the icy water and 
tattered garments provided at the 
[obliterated].  I then sent a letter to my 
father, informing him of my release 
and imploring a visit from him soon.  
I think the remainder of my evening 
shall be spent at home, delighting in 
these familiar settings.

    I hope all is well with your lovely 
wife-to-be.  the two of you are quite
[remainder obliterated]

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