Case re-creates the crime -- Letter Thirteen

            9th February

Dear White,

    Yet again, I have been forced to suffer 
infidelity.  Kelly has betrayed my trust 
a second and third time.  My mind is in an 
appalling state of disorder at present, for I
am scarcely recovered from the tumultuous 
events of the last year.  Of late is seems she 
does not care for me and acts upon her 
every sordid whim.  Why, only last week 
she told me tales of drinking and carousing 
with friends.  Jealousy has found a home 
in my heart, and the scorn for those with 
whom she associates will not leave me.

    Whatever am I to do?  I so wish for 
your advice in these matters, White, for 
you are all I seem to have left in this 
world of imprudence and deceit. 
[remainder obliterated]

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