Case re-creates the crime -- Letter Twelve

            27th of December

Dearest White,

    The tribulations of the past few weeks
have left me a truly broken man.
Attending the funerals of my two most
cherished friends was a heart-rending
experience.  I confess I wept openly at  
Justin's burial proceedings.  Death's
burden has become too great for me to go on
calmly and with a rational mind.  I fear
my sanity is slipping.

    Scarcely one day before his birthday, my 
dear father met his end by pneumonia.
He had fallen ill less than two weeks
previous, but clung resolutely to life until
his final breath.  His funeral shall be an
intolerably difficult scene for me.  If I held
belief in a supreme being, my life would
serve as proof that it was a depraved and  
heartless monster.

    Were it not for Kelly's support through-
out this perverted chain of events, I would

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