Case re-creates the crime -- Letter Fourteen

                --th of May

--- Mr. White,

    There has been so much suffering since I
began writing you.  For that, I wish I could 
apologize.  Your patient ears (perhaps I 
should say "eyes") have allowed my words 
a passage through it all and have 
benefited me greatly.  My sincerest thanks.

    Since my last letter, I have endeavored 
in every way possible to restrict Kelly 
from bringing further harm into my life.
She is a destructive force in the guise of a 
seraph and I will have no further part in 
her little charades.  The happiness was 
short-lived and I will miss the sweet girl she 
once was, but I am making efforts to 
prevail over my menancholic state.

    Someday I will doubtless see thi[obliterated]
the same manner as you do, but [obliterated]
future journey.  Soon, I will [obliterated]
far away from the disarr[remainder obliterated]

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