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The FAQ: The Murder of Anastasia WitbolsFeugen
Did Byron Case fully cooperate with the police?

Two days after Anastasia's murder, Byron Case spoke to Jackson County Sheriff Detective Gary Kilgore,1 but afterward consistently avoided any contact with him or any other member of the Sheriff's Department other than by phone, insisting that they had all the information they were going to get from him. From the perspective of his supporters, this might seem reasonable, as he had "more important things to do" (to use his own phrase) than to waste his time "running around in circles" with police, 2 but when his actions are viewed with the knowledge that he was a suspect in the crime, having been questioned directly by an officer,3 (and that he had admitted that he was aware he was a suspect),4,5 his behavior becomes suspicious.

He spoke face to face with an investigator only one more time, this time only with a promise from the Prosecutor's office not to use any information obtained in that interview against him.6 After that, he refused all contact with investigators.

Byron Case cooperated with the murder investigation only to the extent that it suited his purposes.

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