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Candid moments

These candid photos were shot of Anastasia, along with her friends and family, at various times. Some capture private moments, some just of fun times.

reflective mood Anastasia and friends shy Hiding her face with her hands Squint With her step-nephew, Tyler Deep in thought Mustache Wedding white dress Us Anastasia at 10 with sister Chatting with friends Christmas '83 pose Anastasia meets Anne Rice (Sept '96) Striking a pose In nightshirt on Seattle trip sister and friends Moody Go away, I'm eating riding a horsie Waiting on phone posing in a green dress With cat Having ice cream on Seattle trip Long ride down Happy with Daddy Hi Waiting to perform Driving Peekaboo Shy smile Deep in thought at picnic In blue Ready for prom Christmas outfits

The portrait of Anastasia with Pinky & the Brain was drawn by Mr. Rick Stasi, and is copyright by him; Pinky & the Brain are copyright Warner Communications. Otherwise, all photos that appear on this page are owned and copyright control 1997 and 1998 by the family of Anastasia Witbolsfeugen, and the family asks that they not be reproduced (altered or otherwise) without prior written consent.

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