Dear Sister, I Miss You

Teminka WitbolsFeugen
October 11, 1998
I miss you sister
You were only 18,
That's too young to die,
Too young

I miss you so much
I wish I could hug you again
There was so much that happened after you died
I wish you were here so I can tell you all about it.

Everything has changed
Nothing is the same,
Not even me.
I wish you were still here

You shouldn't have gone out that night
You murder is still unsolved
And only the family is trying to solve it,
Not the police.

I miss your smile,
You were so beautiful,
So young,
So wise

Your life was short,
Too short.
I barely knew you
I wish you were still alive

I was only 11 when you died.
You died two weeks before my 12th birthday
It was hard to cope with your death at a young age,
It was hard for me.

Many people don't know what it's like to loose a sibling,
But some do,
And they know how hard it is to not see that person ever again.
I still cry for you, I want you back.

Who ever killed you, I want to find and bring them to justice.
I want them to know what I go through everyday,
I want them to suffer,
Just like I did.

But that won't bring you back
It won't help me through your death.
I just want to know why you were killed
I want to know why someone had to kill you at your age.

Every night I think about you,
I will never forget how you said 'I love you'
I will never forget your smile,
I will never forget you, never.

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