5th of June 2001 11:30 PM CST (approx.)

CASE:     Hello?

MOFFETT:  Is Byron There?

CASE:     Yes, speaking.

MOFFETT:  Byron, this is Kelly.  Hello.  I realize you probably donít want to talk to me -- I 
          have to talk to you, I have to talk to you, I absolutely have to fucking talk to you.  
          Okay?  Hello?  Youíre listening.  Okay.  Some extremely bad shit has gone down.  
          Are you listening to me?

CASE:     Yeah.

MOFFETT:  Okay.  I donít know what to do and thatís why I called you, because you do 
          realize that Iíve been a drug addict for some time, my memory is not that good, 
          and they are harassing me for information now, and I donít know what to do 
          about it.  Do you know what Iím talking about?

CASE:     Yeah.

MOFFETT:  Okay.  Anastasiaís dad has called me, um, two or three investigators have called 
          me and I donít know what to do.  I donít remember the whole story and I need your 
          information, please, because theyíre going to call me in, theyíre going to fucking ask 
          me for a lie detector test again and I have no idea.  Okay?  I know Iím probably 
          the last person on the earth you want to talk to, but we have to talk about this.  
          Otherwise, we're both fucked.

CASE:     Well, I . . .


CASE:     Where are you?

MOFFETT:  Iím at my parentsí house.

CASE:     Youíre still there?


CASE:     Are you still there?

MOFFETT:  Yes, Iím still there!  Why, what?

CASE:     Oh, nothing.

MOFFETT:  Yes, Iím still living here.

CASE:     Thatís odd.


CASE:     I said that was just odd.

MOFFETT:  How is that odd?

CASE:     I donít know.

MOFFETT:  Where the fuck else am I going to go?

CASE:     I donít know.

MOFFETT:  Why are you at your parentsí house?

CASE:     Oh, donít even ask.

MOFFETT:  I wonít ask.  But seriously, this is fucked and weíre both going to be 
          fucked.  Seriously, Iím not kidding.

CASE:     You know . . .

MOFFETT:  What do you mean, Ďyou knowí?  What?

CASE:     I donít remember.

MOFFETT:  You donít remember?

CASE:     What?


CASE:     Yeah.  Just say you donít remember.

MOFFETT:  Donít you remember?  You donít remember what we said?  At all . ..

CASE:     I do, but . . .

MOFFETT:  But what?

CASE:     [unintelligible]

MOFFETT:  Honey, this is, like, not a game anymore.  And Iíve, like, realized that 
          to its, like, fullest extent and it sucks.

CASE:     Iím sure really surprised they called again.

MOFFETT:  That they called again.  Theyíve called a bunch again.  They called 
          me while I was in rehab, they showed up out there.  Yeah, I donít 
          understand, like seriously, what all went on or whatever, and I 
          seriously, I hate to say this, but why, seriously, why did you have 
          to kill her?  What was the whole fucking big deal?  Could you 
          explain that to me?  Because I just donít get it.  Seriously.  Justinís 
          dead for no reason, sheís dead for no reason, itís all just fucked 
          up.  And for some reason theyíre talking to me, because you wonít 
          talk.  So Iím fucked.  And it makes me look horrible because 
          everybody already knows that Iím a fucking crack-head, and that 
          Iím a coke-head, that Iím an alcoholic so I donít remember shit.  
          And if I tried to talk to them, nothingís going to add up.  So, I mean, 
          if you could, seriously, explain to me as to why you actually felt the 
          need to kill her, than that would really help me feel better about the 
          whole fucking thing.  I mean, was there, seriously, any reason to all 
          of this?

CASE:     We shouldnít talk about this.


CASE:     Probably because we shouldnít talk about this.

MOFFETT:  Of course we should.

CASE:     Except, at least, if I need to talk to you.

MOFFETT:  What do you mean?  Yeah, I would love for you to talk to 
          me about it because my -- nothing, nothing has been the same 
          since that, okay?  And you may have been okay or whatever, but 
          all I did was get more drunk or get more fucked up and thatís it.  
          Thatís it!  Okay.  Iím not the same person and you know that.  I 
          have not been the same person for years, and I hate it.  And 
          something seriously has to give or we need to talk or something.  
          Because for some reason, you know, it just seems like you were 
          inaccessible or you were too cold or something, and everybodyís 
          coming to me.  And I canít talk to Anastasiaís dad, and I canít do 
          any of this.

CASE:     [unintelligible]


CASE:     I got -- see, I was granted immunityó


CASE:     -- by the lawyer, or by the prosecutor, excuse me.

MOFFETT:  Uh-huh.

CASE:     Through my lawyer.  Because I told them everything about this, 
          you know, I --

MOFFETT:  You told what?

CASE:     I said I told my lawyer flat out that I didnít -- I wasnít going to 
          remember things.

MOFFETT:  Uh-huh.

CASE:     Told the cops that, too.  I was, like, "I canít remember things."  
          And so, basically, I would, you know, tell them up front, before 
          you go in or agree to meet them, just say "Iím not going to 
          remember things."

MOFFETT:  I have.

CASE:     Write something on paper that says that, you know, if I fuck 
          up, you know,because you wouldnít want us to, like, slip --

MOFFETT:  I have!  But that doesnít make any fucking difference!  
          What are you talking about?  They told you this and that -- 
          they never told me anything.

CASE:     What?


CASE:     Never told you what?

MOFFETT:  Did you -- what did you say about immunity?  What 
          are you talking about?

CASE:     Well, yeah, that basically I was given, which basically means 
          that, like, nothing I said could be used in court against me.

MOFFETT:  I guess, whatever, but I donít know, okay?  I need, I 
          seriously need to talk to you.  When is, like, a time we can talk?

CASE:     Tomorrow.

MOFFETT:  Tomorrow when?

CASE:     When youíre free.  The earlier the better.

MOFFETT:  In the morning?

CASE:     Uh, letís see.

MOFFETT:  Are you talking about, like, in person or something?

CASE:     Yes.
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