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The FAQ: The Murder of Anastasia WitbolsFeugen
How important was Byron Case's audiotaped tacit admission in the trial?

Byron Case's audiotaped tacit admission 1 was one of two main keys to his being convicted of Anastasia's murder,2 the eyewitness testimony of Kelly Moffett, his ex-girlfriend, being the other. Both were necessary for the State's case to succeed.

Case did not directly admit to anything during the course of his conversation with Moffett, but he appeared very suspicious of her motive for calling in the first place, and was known to be highly clever, so his guardedness was to be expected. However, after more than three minutes of conversation in which the main topic was Anastasia's murder and the fact that police wanted to talk to Moffett again (during which time Case had made no attempt to redirect conversation), he was directly asked why he killed Anastasia, he suddenly went silent, and then changed the subject by telling her "We shouldn't talk about this".3

Many of Case's supporters have made the mistake of believing that he was convicted solely on Kelly Moffett's testimony,4 whom they consistently refer to as his "embittered ex-girlfriend", but it was her testimony coupled with his own words along with several lesser elements, that led to his conviction.

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