Police arrest man believed to have murdered 18-year-old woman in Lincoln Cemetery

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Kansas City, Missouri, June 12 - Four years after a Kansas City woman is murdered in an isolated cemetery, police arrest a suspect. Accused murderer Byron Case

According to prosecutors, Anastasia Witbolsfeugen was shot and killed by a man she considered her friend. Now, after scores of dead ends and delays in the investigation, family members say they can begin the healing process.

She was an 18-year-old who loved poetry, art and her family. But her life ended at the Lincoln Cemetery on the night of October 22, 1997. Anastasia Witbolsfeugen was killed by a gunshot to the head.

Now after some 1,400 days filled with false leads and false hope of finding the killer, Anastasia's father Robert and her family see progress for the first time in solving the case.

Byron Case has been charged with murdering Anastasia.

"The suspect was in the company of my daughter on the evening she died," Robert Witbolsfeugen said.

Anastasia WitbolsFeugen, murder victim According to court documents, Case, who was an acquaintance of Anastasia's, along with her boyfriend Justin Bruton and another person, picked the victim up near the Lincoln Cemetery and drove onto the grounds, where she was murdered.

Robert Witbolsfeugen has at times almost single-handedly kept the investigation going. He says the years of delays and dead ends in the search for a killer are over. While he says peace for his family is still a ways off, at least the process has now started.

"A long process, but I knew there was justice in the long process," he said. "I learned to bide my time. Even today was not so hard."

Byron Case will be back in court next week for arraignment.

For more information about this story and the family's efforts to keep Anastasia's memory alive, click on the link on this page.

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