Independence Examiner, Thursday 01/02/03

Shields looking for new counselor

By the Examiner Staff

Jackson County Executive Katheryn Shields is looking for a new county counselor, after deciding not to reappoint Jane Mc Queeny to the position.

McQueeny's term expired Tuesday. She was appointed by Shields in 1998.

Shields appointed Jay Haden, chief deputy county counselor, as acting county counselor until a replacement can be found. Haden, who has worked in the county counselor's office for 20 years, expressed to the administration that he is happy with his current position. He will not seek appointment as county counselor.

McQueeny could not be reached for comment.

However, Shields' administrative spokes man Ken Evans said McQueeny told Shields the position involved more administration than she had originally realized and she wanted to do more trial work.

McQueeny has accepted a job as chief trial assistant in the prosecuting attorney's office.

Evans said the process of replacing McQueeny has already begun and will probably take a couple of weeks.

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