Independence Examiner, Monday 09/30/02

MPA honors citizens

By Stephanie Howard
The Examiner

Bob WitbolsFeugen felt a small reward after a two-year battle over the Missouri Sunshine Law.

WitbolsFeugen and Karen Turner received the Missouri Sunshine Award for their pursuit of public records in a complaint over the investigation of the slaying of WitbolsFeugen's daughter, Anastasia.

WitbolsFeugen received his award at the annual Missouri Press Association convention Saturday at the Lodge of Four Seasons in Lake Ozark, Mo. He spoke at the luncheon about his ordeals and received a standing ovation.

"I felt very honored," WitbolsFeugen said. "It gave a whole new meaning for the honor."

WitbolsFeugen said the Missouri Sunshine Law has been severely hurt by this case. He said the law needs to be revamped, to allow plaintiffs' legal fees to be reimbursed if their case is successful.

"I went deeply into debt, and one daughter has had to postpone her college plans while I played Don Quixote," he said.

WitbolsFeugen said he enjoyed the opportunity to speak at MPA.

"I really felt it was an opportunity to address people who could make a difference," WitbolsFeugen said.

WitbolsFeugen and Turner were nominated by The Examiner, which also received a number of awards.

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