Independence Examiner, Tuesday 05/14/02

Jackson County News: Callahan makes Sunshine Law request

by James Dornbrook

On Monday, Callahan issued a formal, written open records request to Jackson County Counselor Jane McQueeny, regarding documents from the Turner vs. Garcia case. This was a recent Sunshine Law case in which the county counselor's office defended the Office of Human Relations and Citizens Complaints and lost.

Callahan requested monthly summary case logs for each attorney and paralegal working in or for the county counselor's office between January 2000 and May 2002. He also requested all records of costs in the Turner vs. Garcia case, such as depositions, filings, production of materials and other related documents.

Callahan said the request was made out of the public interest in knowing whether these records are being kept fairly and regularly, or "only when expedient." He said the formal request was made because McQueeny has refused all previous public inquiries.

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