Anastasia's Horoscope

The following document was found among Anastasia's effects after her death, and was itself dated October 19, 1997. We cannot vouch for the veracity or the accuracy of this astrological synastry, but it was important to her, and we will not choose to debate such matters here.

Anastasia (Born: Jul 14, 1979) in relationship with Justin (Born: Aug 23, 1977)

Part 1. How you approach relationships in general


You are comfortable with your sexual identity, and tend to be emotionally well balanced. There is a natural rhythm in the way you handle the day-to-day problems of work and play, with the result that you are capable of sustained effort. These same qualities affect your relationships too. They tend to be harmonious and long lasting.

You love whatever is new or different, and breakthrough flashes of original insight are typical. You could invent something, and you have a natural love for communication and new-age technology. You appreciate independence and originality in others, especially in a partner, and may tend to have unusual friends who are very likely male. You like to keep things spontaneous.

You are a great problem-solver, and can always think of a way to do almost anything. Your friends know you to be fair, and your integrity is unquestionable. You may find yourself interested in legal matters, publishing, philosophical and religious subjects, and would make a good teacher or instructor. Scientific investigation would interest you.

You have a fantastic imagination and are somehow tuned into what we all dream of at the deepest levels. The dream worlds, the more eternal thoughts of mankind, come easy for you, and you would be a convincing speaker on occult, metaphysical, and religious subjects. The way you talk about the intuitive and imaginative realms is very moving to others. You are able to put into words the sense of unity that we all know exists in the world but can't always keep in mind. You could be a fine poet or musician, especially a composer.

You value independence in others, especially a lover. They must have some unique quality for you to take an interest. Your taste in friends runs to the unconventional. You appreciate variety in all things and are delighted when a partner comes up with a new and different way to get your attention. You don't like to be tied down. You probably have a penchant for inventions, electronics, and new-age technology.

You have always had a drive to delve into the unknown. The cosmos has real trouble keeping secrets from you once you have made your mind up to investigate. You have great perseverance and staying power. You work well in a crisis; emergencies of all kinds find you on the spot, ready to test your mettle. You are brave -- and unafraid of death or people. You do well with investments, property, and other people's money. You have very little sense of propriety and tend to call a spade a spade. You like to get your hands in the real stuff of life, blood and all.


You may have an inordinate fear of dying or confrontation, for there is a part of you that resists change and tends to put off getting down to the real heart of a problem and clearing it up. This attempt to avoid confrontation may find you involved in one power struggle after another when it comes to personal relationships. All of this creates a lot of energy that you carry around with you. Working it out takes patience and great care. You tend toward explosions and may have strong disagreements with authority figures.

Everyone can testify to your brilliant mind, but most would also find you somewhat erratic and unpredictable. You don't always have the follow-through you pretend to have. You tend to change your mind in the middle of a project and go rushing off in some new direction. You are to some degree the victim of your own whims. You have trouble finding practical uses for your plentiful insights.

You may have difficulty expressing your feelings, with the result that tension accumulates to the boiling point. You may get the feeling sometimes that situations and other people unite to repress you, to hold you back. You probably have had some really harsh experiences, hard feelings. You feel you must push and strain to get anywhere at all. You would do well with a partner who can help you through the process of getting your feelings out without exploding.

You sometimes have trouble distinguishing between your dreams of life and the actual reality. Or you lack the discipline to make those dreams real, to work to make reality be as you always dreamed it could be. This could lead to unreasonable expectations of other people, especially your lover. A tendency to daydream finds you with a number of false starts. You are easily distracted and have difficulty carrying things through to the finish. You may worry about being deceived by others.

Part 2. How you relate to Justin


You have always known that He loves you, and you can't help but find this charming. You have a sense of being valued and appreciated for the right reasons. This is a warm and affectionate relationship. You are wholeheartedly supportive of Justin's values and ideals. You are his best fan. He is always appreciative of your feelings and moods, with the result that you feel very much valued. This is a very nice arrangement.

Justin likes talking and communicating with you. You have a knack for bringing out the best in him, making it easy for him to say what's on his mind. He feels your genuine support and enjoys what He finds himself saying and thinking in your presence. He knows that He can speak his mind when He is with you. Justin may be a real help when it comes to disciplined thinking, mental organization, and study in general. You are able to talk about his problems easily. You are able to put into words situations in which He finds himself.

You somehow are able to put Justin's dreams and ideals into words. He finds you very imaginative, even eloquent, and may love poetry and music that you write. There is a basic sense of shared ideals, and you have long dreamy conversations. Aside from any romance, this could result in a sound business relationship. You value Justin's judgment and, more often than not, tend to let him act as your guide in matters of career and direction. He knows you appreciate his abilities, and this combination should be an enduring one.

You value his independent ways. You love how He is often surprising you, and doing new things to get your attention. You always respond with warmth and appreciation. You feel that He values your ideals, knowing they are unique. This could be a very passionate and intense relationship. You find that you are always pushing him to face himself, putting him through changes. He probably finds this exciting. There is a strong sexual attraction to all of this. This could be a good business combination, if caution is exercised.


From time to time there may be some hard feelings and harsh words between you. You may not feel like talking, or find that you can't support a lot of what He is saying. He may not be able to understand how you feel, and resents your attitude.

There are a lot of hurt feelings in this relationship. Argument and power struggles are to be expected. You tend to ignore, or not be sufficiently supportive of, Justin's feelings. He can't help but get in digs at you on a regular basis.

Justin may feel that He doesn't have your support when it comes to matters of career and life direction. There may be hard feelings. You may find the decisions He makes upsetting to you emotionally. his basic philosophy of life can sometimes be at odds with the way you are feeling. his unconventional manner may irritate you. You may feel He is just being different for the sake of being different.

There could be sharp words between you, or you may find it fruitless to discuss certain subjects with him. You can't appreciate his continual need for self-analysis and confrontation. He never seems happy unless He has reduced every meeting to its lowest common denominator. He may go against all that you hold dear, and drag you through scene after scene. Heavy feelings and emotional drama will be a part of this relationship.

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