Anastasia WitbolsFeugen (1979-1997)

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212Sep 14 2017 Jay
A light gone out too soon. But it blessed many lives, and continues to reverberate.
211May 5 2017 Annalee Finnigan
Such a pretty young lady,so sorry for your loss.
Thoughts are with Anastasia s family from Liverpool, United Kingdom xx
210Oct 22 2016 Adrienne Sioux Koopesmith
Just breaks my heart, Bob, knowing a classmate of mine -- as we were both that young, was snuffed out too soon. She was a beautiful young woman and I'm sure was loved by all of those who knew her and saw her. May Ana rest in Peace.
209Oct 3 2016Michele Taylor
While I was never good friends with Anastasia, I did know her well from the many classes we had together all through middle school at Martin Luther King. She always seemed like a sweet and innocent girl. I'm so sorry for your loss and saddened that her life was tragically cut so short.
208Jun 9 2016Angie Evans
It's 2016 and the show On the Case, featuring the murder of Anastasia has only just been aired here in Australia. As a mother, I cannot imagine the horror of living life knowing one of my children had been murdered. I shall pray everyday for Anastasia's family. For Anastasia, well she is in the arms of Jesus... it's her family that are the true victims. God Bless You all.
207Sep 28 2015Robin
I just saw the show, On the Case with Paula Zahn!!!! I just wanted to say, I'm sorry for your loss. My heart heart breaks for Anastasia's family and friends. After watching the show and reading this beautiful site, I feel a loss. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. God bless you all!
206Sep 25 2015Debra
I know the horror of losing a child. We lost our youngest daughter who was only 31 and had just had her birthday only months before her death. That was 7 years ago, and it still feels like yesterday. I loved the photos and Memorial here. Someday you will be reunited with Anastasia, and you will laugh again, I promise you.
205Sep 22 2015Pat Chism
I didn't know Anastasia. I just watched On the Case With Paula Zahn and my heart goes out to the family and pray that you are strong and that you are blessed...and may the memory of such a beautiful and innocent soul be with you forever.
204Apr 13 2015Edward Harmon
Sorry for your loss.
203Feb 18 2015Karen Fornwalt
Early yesterday morn, I tuned in to On the Case with Paula Zahn and watched the story of your beautiful daughter Anastasia. I was compelled to visit your tribute page,and I was incredibly touched by her life story. How sad it is that a truly lovely,beautiful life could be taken from this world.Had she lived, I believe she would have made a positive impact on many lives. May God comfort and bless your family and friends.
202Dec 25 2014Lillie Commodore
There is nothing I can say to ease your pain especially today. Christmas is especially hard.Your daughter Anastasia, has beautiful beautiful smile. I'm 60 years now but my father shot killed my dear mother when I was 12. I know it's not like losing a child, but I know the pain. My prayers are with you on this Christmas day. Anastasia is too.
201Nov 1 2014Madison
I just watched the ID story about Anastasia's death and my heart goes out to your entire family. It was completely senseless and I am truly sorry for your loss.
200Nov 1 2014Gia
I did not know you personally, Anastasia, but I can tell by your smile that you were a beautiful girl with big hopes and dreams for the future. God Bless you and your family.
199Nov 1 2014Barbara Coen
Anastasia is in Paradise today. I pray that her family can live in peace and happiness until they are reunited with her.
198Oct 26 2014Caring Friends
Thank you for sharing Anastasia’s life through this website. I just watched the ID program about the sad and senseless murder of Anastasia. Our hearts are with you all.
197Oct 26 2014Vin Vitale
So sad to hear of a beautiful life cut short at such a young age. My sympathy to her family and friends.
196Oct 26 2014Eileen S
I just finished watching the story of Anastasia's murder with Paula Zahn. I came to this page to get a better sense of who she was. I'm very sorry for your loss, may Anastasia rest in peace. I pray that your family may find comfort one day.
195Oct 30 2006Lori Jensen
I recently listened to Anastasia's killer's mother as a guest speaker in a criminal Justice class at UMKC. I was left wondering how such an injustice to could have been done......I am now convinced the the injustice was commited when he took Anatasia's life. My heart goes out to you and yours. She seems such a beautiful spirit whose only wrong was in trusting the wrong people.God Bless you.
194Oct 2 2006TR Duckworth
Thanks for sharing your story.
I lost my older sister also. I lost my best friend.
193Sep 22 2006Waynette Renville
My little sister Lakota was found in Independece,MO. She too was a homicide victim, and her case remains unsolved.
Oct 16, 2006 will mark a year that she's been gone.
192Aug 21 2006Nichelle Reed
I was a classmate of Anastasia at Lincoln. Although we were not best friends, she was a part of my high school family
191Apr 13 2006J Rupp
I was a close friend of the killer's father, Dale Case. Dale died in my arms Christmas Eve of 1997 -- Christmas would have been his 50th birthday. During the time that Dale was in the hospital fighting for his life, his son came to visit him only once, and even then he came with friends dressed entirely in the black gothic look. They were totally disrepectful and uncaring towards Dale. At Dale's funeral, his son was there all of a few minutes.

At the time I knew him, this boy was an arrogant and artful liar who manipulated his mother and grandmother. He lived a life of lies and deception, used people to the utmost, and was in and out of trouble with the law. Dale tried everything he could to help him, but he returned his father's love with disdain and hatred. I always felt and sensed that he was evil, and told his father often. When news of Anastasia's death appeared, I told his father there was more to this than meets the eye, that it did not seem right.

I miss Dale very much -- he was my best friend -- but I am glad he was not around to see his son go to jail. His son is an evil, evil man. His manipulation of others and his lies remind me of Charles Manson. He needs to be separated from society, and he is dangerous.

My heartfelt sympathy to your family, and I support your desire to keep him behind bars and to debunk this idealized web site that he and his friends have put up trying to paint a rosy picture of him and his childlike innocence. He was and is a scary and troubled person.
190Dec 31 2005Hoby Harper
I still remember her and pray for her family regularly. No amount of time can heal all wounds, some you carry with you like scars. Some you can never forget, the cuts go so deep. Peace be with you.
189Oct 22 2005Daniele Botts
8 years...never forgotten...always a painful memory. Seems surreal even now. Hope I've lived up to what expectations Stasia would have had for me...ave atque vale, amica carissima. ego semper in memoria tenebo. tu erat...tu es mea carissima amica nunc et cras. nemo te substituere potest. te amo, carissima.
188Nov 12 2004Jay Saker
Oh the saddness of it all.
187Aug 5 2004Michelle from Dallas
I came across your web page while searching for sound wavs and spent the rest of the night reading the horrible tragedy that occurred to your family. I hope that you were able to gain some kind of closure from that guilty verdict. I commend you for never backing down and having the courage to stand for what you believed.
N.B.: We were forced to shut down the guest book for nearly a year because it was being spammed regularly. We apologize for the long absence.
186Jun 7 2003Daniele Botts
It's been quite a while since I visited Anastasia's website...makes me sad so I don't visit as often as I should. Some things have happened lately which have prompted me to sign in again, like my recent wedding (at which Anastasia would have been my maid of honor, had she been allowed to live).
I visited today the sites which were set up to help free her killer...I was outraged and shocked at their content. I think it sacriligious and blasphemous (can I think that way?) that they would link Anastasia's site to theirs and that they could think he didn't do it.
This isn't the place to detail those emotions...after all these years I still find it troublesome to fully realise and deal with my feelings about Stasia's murder. It shouldn't have happened... I miss her every day still - she's now been gone longer than I knew her alive. She was such a wonderful person, anyone even having known her for just a few minutes would feel the impact of her absence. te amo, amica mea carissima. semper in memoriam tenabo.
185Jun 4 2003James Dornbrook, Independence Examiner
I hope the stories my newspaper has published -and continues to work on - have done something to aid in your quest for justice.
In a democracy, to do nothing in the face of injustice is an injustice of its own. Please keep your faith in America strong and continue the good fight.
184Jun 3 2003Kelly Tiernney Brister
When I first read a full account of the story of Anastasia, I remember crying over and over. For many days and nights, I was unable to get the whole visualization out of my mind and, at certain moments, I still am subjected to horrid memories. I believe she would be very happy and proud of the fact that her killer has been brought to justice and that she has indeed left an extreme impression upon many people and their personal emotions.
183May 19 2003melissa
I am very very sorry to hear about this. To the family i just want to say keep praying and that i love yall.
182May 12 2003Geoffrey
I am so sorry about your loss. From what I've read on your website Anastasia seemed like a very nice, intelligent girl. I am so glad that you were able to gain closure to this horrible event, although I imagine there's really no such thing as "real closure."
Best wishes to you!
181Apr 13 2003Tara
I am glad to see this page still up. It is important that we all remember her, and the tragic events that are still going on. This is a not a forum for discussing anything other than the girl we loved so much. I think of her every day, and miss my friends terribly.
180Feb 24 2003Mike Miller
Just surfed on; I really like the poems, plus it's nice that people remember their friends, and care for those memories. I will say a prayer for Anastasia tonight.
179Feb 2 2003Aimee
178Dec 16 2002Theresa Riley
I came across your website while attempting to gather some information on my nephew Justin Riley (Bruton). I am his aunt . The only time I saw Justin in his short life was when he was 3 months old. His mother Brenda was married to my brother John Riley. Both of John's children, Jennifer and Justin were adopted by John Bruton after John and Brenda's divorce.

I attempted to write to Justin in June of 1997, but none of my family had his address at college, so I threw away the letter. I wrote Justin to introduce myself as his aunt and to let him know that if he ever needed me, I would be there for him. I told him that he had my mother, his grandmother's eyes, but otherwise he looked exactly like his father. I told him that his father was very ill and needed to see him and we would fly him to Georgia for a visit. I regret not sending that letter.

Justin looked so much like my own son, Max, that they could have been brothers. As a mother, it tears at my soul that these beautiful children, Justin and Anatasia are gone from this world. My brother keeps his pain internalized, but I know he is deeply affected by this tragedy.

I wanted you to know that I am very sorry you have lost such a lovely child as was Anastasia. I would have loved to have known her. I would have loved to have known Justin.
177Dec 9 2002Anastasia
No one should have to deal with that kind of pain. I am sorry for the family's loss. I didn't know her but I am sure she was a great person and we both have beautiful names. I ran across this page trying to find out about my name also as some of the other Anastasia's did. Always know that she will always be with you in spirit. Once again I am so sorry for your loss.
176Nov 10 2002janelle
I was just curious about the Czar's daughter "Anastasia" when i came apon this. Her sister's poem to her was so sad i nearly cried. And here I am, an 18 year old girl myself. 18 is too young to die. When she died, it was just a normal day for me. The saddest thing is though, people are dying everyday; hearts are broken every minute. Take care
175Oct 11 2002Lariza Ozuna
It's been many years since I've spoken with Anastasia's mom, whom I used to work with. Since then, I've lived in two countries and 4 different states (probably won't surprise you, Betsy!). I have NEVER forgotten the pain in her mother's voice when I was given the news. Just today, I happened to remember that there was a web site and decided to look at it. Lo and behold some news, and current at that! I know this [conviction] doesn't make the pain go away, but it may be a comfort for all parents to know that this person cannot do anyone else any harm. Stasia was a beautiful, smart, and loving daughter, sister and friend to so many. Betsy, please e-mail me to let me know how you're doing.
174Sep 26 2002Len Scholl
A 66 year old wandering the Internet...both saddened and grateful for this page.
I've been a Youth minister and Advocate for 30 must have love her greatly.
Faith, Hope, Love
173Sep 20 2002Jack and Christie Poynter
Christie and I grieve with you and Betsey, as we have all these years. We hope this conviction brings some relief to you. We know it cannot be enough.
We remember Stacey with love and affection.
Our best to you.
Jack and Christie
172Sep 20 2002Anonymous
A parent should never have to go through what you've endured. I am sorry for your loss.
171Sep 10 2002tammy
I do not know you or your daughter, but somehow i ran across your page. I guess God had a reason for that. I am so sorry what happened to your daughter. I will pray for your family.
170Jul 31 2002Anastasia
I was searching about the meaning of my name and I came across this website and I guess chills ran up my spine as I was born in July 1979 and my name is Anastasia and I share similar interests as this young woman whose life was taken away. I am sorry for your loss.
169Jun 28 2002Steve Van Buskirk
I am Kelly Moffett's uncle. I just discovered your website during a search concerning Anastasia's killer. I have a 23 year old daughter and a 16 year old son. I cannot imagine what you have been through, but my family has been praying for you since we first became aware of Anastasia's death.
May God grant you some peace and the ability to go on now that the trial is over. Your persistance and commitment to finding the truth are a wonderful tribute to Anastasia. God bless, Steve V.
168May 22 2002Alyssa
It is my dream to travel someday too. I will travel in her memory.
167May 21 2002Amy Housh-Lewis
I stumbled onto the article in the Pitch. Unfortunately, I never got to meet Anastasia. I started work at the graphic design shop her step-mother, Diane, worked in on October 27, 1997. It was a while after that before I actually met Diane, but I had heard the whole story from co-workers. Diane is a wonderful person so I can only imagine how sweet Anastasia was. I can't imagine, though, what it would be like to lose a child. That's something that NO parent should have to endure. Anastasia's family is in our hearts and our thoughts.

166May 18 2002Annie
I just read Anastasia's story in the Pitch. It turns out that her funeral was on my wedding day. It makes me so angry that some perverted person could take what could have been so many wonderful days in Anastasia's life, like a blissful wedding day, and wipe it away in a moment.
I don't know what else to say, except I am so sorry for your loss.
165May 16 2002Marie Martin
I feel so terrible for what happened to Anastasia.
I can't stop thinking about her and why she is gone. I am however glad that her killer is in jail for forever for what he did. My thoughts and prayers go to her family.
164May 11 2002Tim and Denise Allegri
A wonderful remembrance for a beautiful young lady. We are deeply sorry for your loss.
163May 5 2002jan
i am praying for you all.
162May 5 2002(anonymous)
I would like to express my sympathy to you and your family in the loss and suffering that has been endured. This senseless incident and its outcome which affects so many lives is unimaginable. I pray one day that complete closure will arise, and by that I mean a confession! This is what your family deserves. My apologies go out to you and your family.
161May 3 2002Fran
After 5 long years, we all now know what happened to your lovely daughter. Justice has triumphed, but that will never take away the hole in your hearts. We can pray for peace for her and her family. love, Fran
160May 2 2002Karen
You know how I feel. All your hard work and perseverance paid off. Justice for Anastasia! Finally! Love you all.
159May 2 2002(anonymous)
I know justice took a long time getting here, but in the end, justice was served. I am saddened by your loss. She was a very special girl.

A juror
On May 2, 2002, Anastsasia's killer was convicted of Murder in the First Degree for killing Anastasia WitbolsFeugen. He was sentenced to Life Without Possibility of Parole a month later.
158Apr 28 2002(anonymous)
Overwhelming. I am very sorry for your tragic loss of such a beautiful and wonderful part of your life and I can not even imagine the pain and emptiness this has left in your heart I am truely sorry for your loss...
157Apr 26 2002Tom W. Murphy
I never knew Anastasia, but I do know that no young innocent girl deserves the hand that she was dealt.
I did however have the misfortune to meet the individual charged with her murder, and I have to say that he was one of the most twisted individuals that I have ever met, and I have no problem believing that he did this terrible crime.
I only hope that that Anastasia's family will see justice done in this case, and that they will someday be able to remember her with a little less pain in their hearts.
May God go with the family in everything that they do.

Tom Murphy
156Apr 3 2002Karla Broadus
May this day come to an end, where your family doesn't have to suffer so much. Hopefully this too will pass and your minds and souls will be free and the investigation comes to a head, justice will prevail, and what happened in the dark will come into light. I know it is hard to be strong with all the memories but God has your interests in hand and he will bless you all, he has blessed you with the precious time with your daughter. She is free and at peace with the Lord and is looking upon you wishing that you can learn to be at peace because you will see her again and this will be in your favor and the person who did this will be put down for what he did. I feel your pain and I give my deepest sympanthy to your whole family. It is like I glimpse a part of her with the articles. I felt her and she was and amazing person, smart, witty, full of life, and very pretty. She was a butterfly who found her way out to and another whole world heaven, so please don't be sad--she doesn't want you to be. Always keep her alive. I too will see her one day and will be honored to be another butterfly flying with her GOD BLESS stay strong and to her parents you created and angel and now she is spreading her wings.
Sincereley, Karla
take care, thanks for letting me share this and your daughter's legacy.
155Mar 20 2002Darlene Aschenbrenner
I just wanted to say how amazed I am at your obvious strength during this tragic time of your life. You have done so much to help and memorialize your daughter. You must have been very proud to have such a special daughter. On the way home from work each day, I drive past that cemetery, not ever having known what happened there until today. I am new to Missouri and until today, had no idea what happened. Each day now, I will always think of your dear daughter and what you and your family must still be going through. I've read all the articles linked to her webpage and I am still unclear as to what the motive was. Was there a motive at all? My prayers are with you and your family. Take care, Darlene
154Jan 19 2002Golda Mae
I'm sorry for what happened to Anastasia. I hope her case will be solved. May let her soul be at peace in heaven. Thanks a lot.Good bye!!!
153Dec 22 2001jan
i will keep you in my prayers.
152Nov 5 2001Mercedes
I read your "Dear Sister" story. It makes tears come out. That must be so sad. I don't know what to feel. I know I will know sooner or later, but I'm so sorry. My sister and I are like that, we fight all day but she always tells me "I Love You". I think that is the sweetest thing to say.
151Nov 4 2001Maureen Johnson
I wasn't with Anastasia long, but it was long enough to know how smart and artistic she really was. In our days in JCL and on the trip to Columbia I only began to see all the love that she had for her sister Francesca and I hoped that I could be like that with my own. I was not close to her but I feel the loss all the same.
150Oct 30 2001Kim Hemric
I just wanted to say that Anastasia was a beautiful young lady, and my prayers are with you.
149Oct 24 2001Kim Smith
She may have only been on this earth for a short time but she made an impact on many people. Through these people she still lives. I hope there is comfort in that thought.
148Oct 22 2001Stephanie
I came upon this site today... October 22nd,2001. I was looking for events that happened on the day of my birth... October 22nd. I can't tell you how sorry I am for your loss. Thank you so much for the view into an extrodinary young woman's life (although that life was cut short). I can promise you this: Every October 22, it may be my birthday, but I will ALWAYS pause for a moment to think of Anastasia. For the rest of my years, rest assured that a person half way across the country in Connecticut, that never knew your daughter (sister, friend) will say a prayer and light a candle to remember a light that was unfairly extinguished on October 22nd.
147Sep 26 2001Kathi
My father just died and I was searching on the internet for some poetry to include in his memorial service. It made me feel very sad to read Anastasia's story. I have two small children myself and wouldn't know how to cope if anything happened to them. I wish you all the strength you need and that you will find the responsible person who did this to your daughter.
I liked browsing through your website and think it gave me a good idea about Anastasia's life, without having known her.
146Aug 14 2001Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
I wish this had never happened to The Feugens! I grew up and went to high school with Bob, and this monstrosity just broke my and my Mom's hearts.
May Anastasia rest in peace!
145Jul 24 2001Basil Hylton
My heart felt sympathy goes out to you writing from the UK. I hope that these sentiments might somehow enable your to bear your grief until justice is done - and seen to be done!
144Jun 29 2001denise rettig
this is a very warming site. My heart goes out to the parents. I have been there--my dad was murdered 16years ago when I was 12. They never found the person that did this. I hope you get the justice you deserve.
143Jun 28 2001Camila de Carvalho Pereira
Hi! I am writing from Brazil (sorry, my English isn't so good . . .) This page is very beautiful and sad. Anastasia is now living in our hearts...
142Jun 26 2001Terry Hanes
Anastasia and I were school mates at Lincoln, and graduated together. She is and will ever be missed.
141Jun 18 2001Shirley MacDonald
May justice prevail
140Jun 18 2001Karen
Dani emailed me today. We emailed back and forth about the arrest. I could have sworn I saw her Sunday, the 10th in the Buick, yet she is overseas! Strange. She told me she thought she saw Anastasia Monday the 11th, in the streets of Europe, before she knew of the arrest. Anastasia wanted to go with Peige and I to Europe the summer of '95, and was planning to go and backpack some day. I talked to Peige. We talked about the arrest and Anastasia like we always do. Anastasia and Dani have been heavy on her mind she said, and wanted to know how the yellow rose we took to Anastasia was holding up. It is still perfect, like the day we left it in the snowstorm that first Christmas. I have not driven by Lincoln in a very long time, but Saturday, the 9th, I did. I sat there for awhile then drove on. There were many signs now that I look back the last 10 days, as well as for Dani and Peige that was telling us a change was taking place. We love you, Anastasia and miss you. We have hope!
139Jun 15 2001Sandy Bronson
I am grateful that there is some progress on this terrible thing. Thank you for having this site.
138Jun 13 2001Matt Lewellen
I'm so glad they have charged someone in this...I remember this like it was yesterday. Now the family can be at ease knowing a suspect has been indicted.
137Jun 13 2001Katie Kiviranta
I barely knew Anastasia, but I was really good friends with Francesca. I remember how beautiful Anastasia was the night she went to her Senior Prom. She will be missed and remembered forever, and as long as she is remembered, she will always be alive.
136Jun 13 2001Jodie
Sorry to hear about the loss of a wonderful person. While I was reading some news on the internet I came across this sad story. But the good news is that they have arrested a suspect and that there will be a trial. Finally Justice will be served and hopefully people will realize that we need to do something about Gun Control. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
135Jun 12 2001Marie Satterlee
I was getting ready to go home after I had finished up some of my work when I decided to read the headlines from the KCStar via the Internet. I clicked on the headline about the arrest of a suspect dealing w/ a 4 year old murder and the persistence of a family who would not let the memory of their daughter/sister/friend die and fade away with aged ink and newsprint. PRAISE GOD! I pray your questions find answers and even though half-healed wounds may be broken open again that this will be the beginning of a true healing. I lost my youngest son 12 yrs ago when he was four in what the newspapers called a "freak accident". The pain is always there. My life was forever changed. And I remember the almost immediate fear I had that Tommy would be forgotten. How great that fear must have been in you! You did not let Stacey be forgotten,even though it must have felt at times that there were those who wanted it to go away. I am so very proud of you, her family. I now know about Stacey's life and my spirit mourns with you and rejoices with you in the life you gave her and shared with her. Stay strong as a family. My prayers are with you in the days ahead as her case is again set before the people. His will be done, marie
134Jun 12 2001Karen Turner
Good news today....I meet with Bob, family and friends for the arraignment of Anastasia's accused murderer. Finally!!!! It has been very emotional since the arrest Monday. My daughter, as far away as possible from harm, cried, sobbed deeply when I called her last night with the news. I couldn't hold her to comfort her. Her cry was that of joy too. Finally, now, they will believe her. Most importantly, Anastasia may finally get justice! We miss you Anastasia, so much, I have your picture here with Peige and Dani's. It's open again, with this arrest, our pain, and heartache, and missing you.
On June 11, 2001, B. C. Case was arrested and charged with the murder of Anastasia WitbolsFeugen.
133 Jun 3 2001Nancy E. Fellinger-Karraker
I often think of Anastasia as I saw her in class at Lincoln Prep. Her smile and the toss of her head as she brushed the hair from her face and sat cross-legged on her desk is as fresh today as it was then. I miss her and mourn with you. Sincerely, Nancy E. Fellinger-Karraker
132May 5 2001jessica
I'm sorry about what happened to your daughter and sister.
131Apr 2 2001Paul A. Milner
My prayers go out to you and your family. I grieve with you....
130Mar 9 2001Jessica
It seemed like to me that your daughter was a brave young women
I hope the memories of her last forever
129 Feb 26 2001Minka
My sister was so nice and loving. Today I was reminded of her because in government our debate topic I had pulled from a hat came out "pro-gun control". I am all for stricter gun laws, especially since Anastasia's death. As I explained this to a student in conversation (he was against gun control and a republican) he didn't understand how hard it is to lose someone of your blood to a gun. He thought that if someone really wanted to kill they would do anything to get there (i.e., other weapons), but Anastasia wouldn't have probably died if someone just threw a knife at her from afar. The Columbine killers didn't use knives to kill a dozen people, they used guns. And what's so appalling in this day in age, guns are so easily acquired. The majority of killers are from 18-20, but guns are still in the hands of children who go hunting, or worse weapons are in the hands of gangs. Please, please, fight for gun control, if you or someone you know has died from gun violence take a stand. Though you can't bring back your loved ones, you can save others from being killed too. Thank you.
128Feb 11 2001Dougie in Austin
I came upon this site searching the web under the phrase "poetry of death" -- on a chat room someone asked the room their feelings on death, since someone close to him had recently died and I decided to search and I found your heartfelt site. It was nice to see her WAV collection and links. I went to the Siouxsie site and saved some pics and sounds, thank you! We have some likes in common; we would have had something to talk about if I had ever met her
+++ much respect for your sharing and pain +++
A song I remembered as I read the other entries: "I climbed the mountian and I turned around / and I saw my reflection in a snow covered hill / 'Til the landslide brought me down
Oh, mirror in the sky what is love? / Can the child within my heart rise above? / Can I sail through the changing ocean tides? / Can I handle the seasons of my life?
Well, I've been afraid of changing 'cause I built my life around you / But time makes you bolder / Even children get older / And I'm getting older too" ~~~~ Saved in my minds eye from Fleetwood Mac album of the same name from the mid-70's
127Jan 25 2001Daniele Fields
I can't believe that it has almost been three and a half years since Anastasia was ripped so suddenly from our lives. I know that for me that pain has been tremendous and also unbearable. I have felt so very empty without my best friend for the last few years. There have even been so many times where I have picked up the phone, started to dial the number, and then remember so violently that I can't call her anymore. So much has happened in my life, things only your best friend can truly appreciate . . . and that is probably when the pain comes through the most. I try the best I can do deal with it, but I don't think that I do a very good job. I just read all of the new entries into the guestbook today, and the pain washed anew over me, but it is good to feel it too. . . So many people who have signed never even knew Anastasia, and yet they think that she must have been a wonderful person. And I must agree that she truly was. We met in Ms. Dillon's Biology class and shared lockers freshman year, and fast became best friends. We were inseparable . . . at least until we had a rather major disagreement. The same week that we had finally made all reparations to our friendship and vowed to never fall away like that again, is the same week she was killed. It has been so long . . . and I have gone on with my life. But the pain of having lost the closest friend i have ever had, and will ever have, is still tremendously great. I believe in soulmates. . . I think that people can have romantic ones, as well as platonic. While my fiance is my romantic soulmate, Stasia was without a doubt my platonic one. Ave atque vale. Amo te. Amica tua optissima.
126Dec 24 2000Amanda Spears
My name is Amanda and I, unfortunately, did not know Anastasia. I did however have the biggest privilege of being one of her sister's best friends. I can only imagine what her parents are going through. I know this has been the hardest thing in the world for her sister, but I have never really understood what exactly had happened that fateful day of October 22, until I came here. I am disgusted by the obtuse work of these so-called "hard working police officers" who are here to "protect and to serve"! If anyone has the e-mail address of the detective in charge of the investigation please e-mail it to me at "" so i can write him about what i think about his work on this case!! I did not know Anastasia but if she was even half as strong, smart, and beautiful, inside and out, as her sister, Teminka, she must have been the perfect person. The only thing I have left to say is the thing that comes to my mind while writing this. It's a little children's prayer that still applies to everyone whether 1 or 137. It is this:

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
If I should die before I wake,
I pray the Lord my soul to take...
126Dec 13 2000nadwa
can you send me some more pictures?
125Sep 29 2000Aubry Hollingsworth
I will never forget the story of you daughter. I pray for justice for your daughter. May God bless and keep you strong.
124Sep 17 2000Rev. Dr. Dale A. Dykstra
How sad and shocking! I grieve for you in your loss. Are you related to Hugo Feugen? He is one of the people to whom I send a daily Devotional reading that I author... and a former member of First Presbyterian Church, Mendota of which I am the current pastor.

If you would also like to receive this devotional, please tell me so and send me your email address. May God bless you and aid the side of justice to prevail. Dr. Dyke
123Jul 26 2000dravene
Somehow...I've stumbled onto this page through ebay, quite odd. I was looking at Jasmine's auctions, saw a link to her page, and then saw a link to information about Anastasia. Funny how things work out. I consider myself lucky because I've been able to avoid death for a long time. No one close to me has ever died before, an uncle died about a year an a half ago, and I accepted it because he lived a full life, has 3 kids, lots of grandchildren and a wife that loved him dearly. But here I am after reading about Anastasia with watery eyes and that feeling in the back of my throat that you get when you're about to burst into tears, thinking about my uncle, and my friend Ian who killed himself not too long ago. My heart goes out to anyone and everyone who loved and was loved by Anastasia or Justin. It's kind of a reminder to call up that friend you haven't talked to in 3 years, or to give your mom a big hug when you see her, and to tell the people around you how much you love them, because it's true, you never know when that day will come that you will no longer be able to. Stay strong
122Jul 20 2000Sonya Baughman
I remember when I saw the reward posters hanging at broadway cafe and I thought, " can't be." You and Jasmine, Betsy, and I had all been friends so long ago in elementary school. I had just recently started seeing you around campus at UMKC and also at Broadway Coffee Shop. I had JUST BEGUN to renew that old friendship, catch up on what had been going on in our lives...I didn't ever get to find out how much you may have changed or how much you stayed the same. We only got to hang out and talk a few times before you were gone. I saw the posters just days after I last saw you, sitting out on the sidewalk with a welcoming smile. It had been such a pleasure knowing you when you were young and getting to know you again when you had grown. I really wish that you were here so I could tell you all the strange and wonderful things that have happened in my life and to hear everything that was blossoming in yours. I am deeply outraged at the lack of attention that has been paid to this tragedy. Now that I know there is a web site, I will check it frequently. I hope that justice is served...sooner than later. Much love...
121Jul 6 2000Dave and Tracey Mahoney, Helston, Cornwall
With heartfelt sorrow
120Jun 21 2000Jasmine Becket-Griffith
Dear Anastasia,

I remember you so well from when we were little. You were one of the only people in our school who ever invited me to their birthday parties, let alone even talk to me. You were so nice to me - I finally felt accepted. I remember going to Baskin-Robbins with you and your family. I remember the first time i ever saw the Rocky Horror Picture Show - watching it in your room at 3 o'clock in the morning, the sound almost turned down all the way, your little sisters peeking their heads around the corner and giggling. I remember giving each other makeovers - you were the person who showed me how to wear lipstick! Then you went away to Lincoln Prep, and we lost touch. But when it came time to go to college, I was happy to see a familiar face at UMKC orientation! A fellow Star Trek fan ... who would have thought.
But then you were gone. Betsy, Sonya and I all miss you. God, I hope justice will be served. You were so beautiful, smart, nice, and just plain cool. I love you.
119Jun 17 2000Missy
I am so very sorry to hear of your loss. It really moved me to see such a beautiful young lady taken in that way. My thoughts and prayers are with each and every one of you.
118May 27 2000Xantia
This is such an amazing tribute. I accidentally stumbled on the site while searching for a friend with a similar name. I read the whole story, listened to the wavs, and cried when it touched my heart. I am 21, almost the same age as Anastasia would have been today, and I am just in awe of her beauty and life. God be with you all.
Xantia-Maria Assante - Australia
117Thu Apr 27 2000 05:29Anastasia Jones
Dear Family and friends of the wonderful Anastasia
I am so saddened by your precious loss my heart goes out to you so far away.
There are no reasons why these things happen in life......... my only way of reasoning with this situation is to believe that God needed an angel and only he can tell us why he took her in such a way.... I am so so very sorry for you and your family.
I am angered by the way the police dept have handled her case- I hope some day you discover what the true turnings of that devastating night were and maybe some of your pain may subside.
Let your angel rest in heaven.

thinking of you all, and thank you for sharing your story
anastasia jones
116Apr 18 2000Frances J. Main
My heart aches for my dear cousin, Robert WitbolsFeugen, because of the loss of his eldest daughter. I pray to God that the truth will come to light so that the family can finally have some closure and rest. All my love, Fran
115Apr 15 2000Jessica Yetman
Anastasia was a wonderful girl and my heart goes out to all of her family.
114Mar 26 2000Pam
I was browsing through ads this morning and looked up yours and saw the page you made for Anastasia. She was a beautiful young woman and it is so tragic what happened to her! My thoughts and prayers are with her family. I hope someday you all find closure.
113Mar 22 2000candace ingraham
anastasia was the wonderful fun loving girl thats inside all of us.
112Jan 31 2000Brandy Iacopelli
My heart go to the family & friends of Anstasia. I too lost a loved one who's murder is still unsolved today. I pray that both murders will be solved & the family & friends can begin to heal.
111Jan 30 2000Lisa Redwine
This is one of the most heartbreaking stories I've ever heard. My prayers go out to Anastasia's family and friends,and Anastasia,you were the light of many people's lives and that light will never fade. Rest In Peace.
110Jan 14 2000Jacinta Scally
I am very sorry for the loss of you daughter. Her poems are beautiful. I stumbled upon your website while looking for a poem that would be appropriate for a memorial to my eldest brother Martin. He died on the 15th May 1999 and at the end of this month we have to face the heartache of his 28th birthday without him.

I can't say I know how you feel because Martin died in different circumstances. He took his own life. But I know you ask the same questions which is Why? and What if?

My prayers are with you.

109Jan 9 2000Rebecca
Show me the meaning of being lonely

So many words for the broken heart
It's hard to see in a crimson love
So hard to breathe
Walk with me, and maybe
Nights of light so soon become
Wild and free I could feel the sun
Your every wish will be done
They tell me

Show me the meaning of being lonely
Is this the feeling I need to walk with
Tell me why I can't be there where you are
There's something missing in my heart

Life goes on as it never ends
Eyes of stone observe the trends
They never say forever gaze
Guilty roads to an endless love
There's no control
Are you with me now
Your every wish will be done
They tell me

There's nowhere to run
I have no place to go
Surrender my heart body and soul
How can it be you're asking me to feel the things you never show

You are missing in my heart
Tell me why I can't be there where you are

Show me the meaning of being lonely
Is this the feeling I need to walk with
Tell me why I can't be there where you are
There's something missing in my heart
108Dec 25 1999Carrie Martin

107Nov 20 1999Amaya Martin
I knew Anastasia. I was in her class. She was very nice.
106Oct 29 1999Lindsay Lopers
deepest sympathy
105Oct 17 1999Jacque and Don
Bob and family,
You are still in our thoughts and prayers. Never give up hope. We send our love. Jacque and Don
104Sep 23 1999Roxie Froese
This is a wonderful thing you have done in her honor, I have a young daughter about her age and I can't imagine the pain of losing her to something so senseless.May God be with you and her family.
103Sep 18 1999Donald Bauer
Dear Bob and Faimily,
Time goes by and old wounds don't hurt quite so much. I haven't had my own internet till now so this is the first time I have really explored this site. [9/18/99] I hope that someone receives this and I hope that someday we will understand just what God's plan is for Anastasia and us.
102Aug 27 1999Anastasia
I clicked onto this site on accident, but I'm glad I did. I was named after the Czar's daughter Anastasia. I know what's it's like to lose someone. I lost my Uncle Danny to a gunshot murder. I hope that Anastasia is happy is heaven. She was a beautiful girl. R.I.P Daniel Rogers Lyke. R.I.P Anastasia!
101Aug 12 1999Bev Lanphear
My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. Hopefully this terrible crime will be solved and you can find some closure for yourselves and your daughter will rest in peace with the Angels.
100Jul 15 1999Erna S Einarsdottir
It's so sad to have these things happen, and they happen too much. It's wonderful to see such a beautiful memorial though. I hope you find and lock up who ever is responsible for taking away such a young and ambitous young girl.
99Jun 18 1999Henry J Janssen
i'm very sorry what had happen.may the lord be with you.
98May 22 1999Renee Kaufmann
I would like to offer my sincere condolences to you on the death of your beautiful daughter. I am a criminal justice student who was just surfing for some info when your site popped up. I cannot even imagine the pain and sense of loss that you must feel, but I want you to know that I will be thinking and praying for both you and your daughter. I also want to thank you for sharing her life with me, she continues to live on through your memories. And I also truly believe that although she is no longer here in body, she is still here in spirit, watching over you as your own guardian angel. I wish you the best of luck in finding the monster who did this.
Thank you.

Renee Kaufmann
Addison/Batavia Illinois
96May 19 1999Karen Galer
I think it was tragic that she lost her life so young. Even though I did not know her in anyway, I bet she was nice.
95May 14 1999Jennifer
I loved the video and i adore the soundtrack. I performed dances to her music in the video and it is very graceful. I just love the movie and i feel very bad about what happened to her and her family.
94May 6 1999Alexis Fisher
I used your web site to get info on a report I am doing and it's great!
93Apr 1 1999Kylie

92Mar 4 1999Keysa Grable
I'm very sorry for your loss. Your daughter is a baeutiful person inside and out. Thank you for sharing your love for her with us.
91Feb 2 1999Kayla &Khloe York
We are really, truly sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
90Jan 6 1999donna
I found your webpage by accident, I was looking for information on the movie "Anastasia", I read the article and was very saddened by the events that followed the loss of someone who was so dear to you. I hope you find the person(s) responsible for this crime.
You have my sympathies and condolences.
Donna Johnsen
Seattle Washington
89Sat Dec 26 1998 18:28Anastasia Masun
I am extremly sorry about your loss--I know how it feels. I was glad to see this page--it was very nice.

I wish you luck!
88Sat Dec 19 1998 22:43Sonja
I would like to say how sorry I am and that your daughter was a very attractive young girl. I hope things go well in the future for your family
87Dec 16 1998madonna morgan
i'm really sorry to anastasias family and i think thsi site is really good anastasia deserves it all!
luv ya lots
86Dec 10 1998kate urbanik
I was surfing the web and came across this tribute page. I am so very sorry for the loss of Anastasia. I got the sense she was a wonderful person who is dearly missed. I am very sorry that her family and friends have had to deal with such a loss.
85Dec 5 1998Brieann Cummer, Michigan
I feel very sad for the family of anastasia, and tell you the truth I want to kill that person that killed her. I understand how it is to lose a family member that was so close. My brother commited suicide last year, because he was very depressed when he lost his job and his wife divorced him. Best wishes to you and your family.
84Nov 27 1998Tricia Welsh
I give sympathy to Anastasia's family and hope you resolve this case.
Tricia Welsh
83Nov 3 1998Emily Gibson
Teminka is one of my good friends and I know that if she was a sister of Teminka she must of been a very nice person. I give you my sympathy.
82Oct 11 1998liz ireton
her poems and pix and everything makes her sound pretty cool, and i'll bet she was.
81Oct 7 1998laura walla

80Oct 2 1998Lynette from Virginia
The poems are beautiful! My condolences in your great loss.
79Sat Sep 26 1998 10:55Carol Marsh
Please accept my condolence for your terrible loss. May the Lord fill you with his love and peace and give you the strength to get on with your lives.
78Sep 24 1998Teminka
I just wanted to thank my daddy for posting up this site for my sister. My sister was a wonderful person and she didn't deserve to die. Now that she is gone, I'm really sad and I'd like to thank everyone for their sympathy. I loved my sister and now she's gone. She barely had a chance to live in the big world. I wish she was still with us. I love you all.
77Sep 12 1998Ruth H Biswell
Every time I visit this site I cry a little more.
Every day goes by and more time is spent in the dark about what happened to Anastasia. I'll see the new pictures of her as a little and it makes an unshakable sadness come over me. It's with me the whole day through. Staci was a loving and carefree spirit that brightened the lives of all she knew. Even me, and I wasn't even that close to her. But that was her gift, to make the world a brighter place. I pray that her murderer will be found and will be dealt what he deserves, and I am not saying that I know what he deserves.
That's up to Staci, her family and God. Thank you again to Staci's family for keeping this web site here, I have a link to it from my site
Amo vos.
76Sep 11 1998Nur Farizan Bte Abdul Rahman(short calling:izan)
I am sorry to hear about the death of Anastasia. While looking at her pictures, I realized that she was such an attractive lady. Please accept my sympathies. Can you show more of her photos? Thank you again. I'm Singaporean.I lived in BLK 353,Choa Chu Kang,#06-309,S'PORE 680353.
75Aug 29 1998Eve S.
I've seen pain in my own life, but none as great as this has been to my close friend, Anastasia's sister, Francesca. I look at her strength and marval; through her I know Anastasia and miss her greatly.
74Aug 28 1998kaety howard
I came across the site that you all told me about. I never knew her. I barely knew any of you--but you constantly speak of her as if she were an angel. Well, she, Kaety
73Aug 28 1998jwsw
I am so sorry to hear about Anastasia, even though I don't know who she is.
I am sure she must have been a great person...she will always be remembered as a friend to those whom she knew.
I hope whoever took her away so brutally will one day be brought to justice, HERE OR IN FRONT OF THE CREATOR. Whichever, he will be brought to justice sooner or later.
72Aug 27 1998cynthia gonzales
may she live in your hearts for all time
71Aug 10 1998Nancy E. Fellinger-Karraker
I often think of Anastasia and remember her in my classroom sitting cross-legged on top of her desk leaning against the wall and smiling. She had the most wonderful smile and sweet voice.
We would often talk together after class and I always enjoyed our visits. She was friends with Anna and I could tell that their age difference made no difference to her. She was in a class of mostly freshmen but always fit in and never consciously put any of them down. She was obviously far more advanced than they, yet had a way about her that it never made a difference. She respected everyone and I especially always felt her respect. I miss her and I too mourn your loss.
Sincerely and with heartfelt sorrow,
Nancy E. Fellinger-Karraker
Teacher, LCPA
70Aug 6 1998rcwf
Thank you for speaking up. Your messages are read and echo in the chambers of my heart. The value of life does not diminish in death, but is multipled by those that remember.
69Jul 25 1998Brandi
I'm really sorry to hear about Anastasia. She seemed like a really great person. I hope that one day the murderer is found. I enjoyed reading her poetry and listening to her talk and her WAV links. Like I said before I'm really sorry about your loss.
68Jul 24 1998kt
Bob, Diane and girls. This is an American Indian Sia Medicine song I enjoy, and want to share with you. Anastasia and I had discussed different beliefs and we had a understanding on the Indian beliefs.

Grant our children life and happiness. Send forth the good south winds. Send forth your breath over the waters that our world may be beautiful and people may thrive. Far off, over there, Sun Father awakens, and climbs up his ladder leaving his resting place. May all complete life's long road, may all grow old. May our little ones know the sweet smell of the sacred breath of life. May all our children have maize that they may complete their journey. Sit down, remain here, we give our best gift, our best thoughts. We inhale the sweet smell of the sacred breath through our prayer plumes.

I wish, as we all do, that Anastasia could have grown old. She should have, but was taken long before her time.
This is for her sisters, who are still alive and need our support also. Love you all, Karen
67Jul 11 1998Steve Mitchell
My deepest condolences, I have understood a loss such as this. I pray that you may have closure soon.
66Jul 9 1998Nancy Riley
I think this is a wonderful tribute to your daughter. I hope you receive some answers from someone who might read this. Her poetry was wonderful. I have children myself and my heart goes out to you and your family.
65Jul 4 1998Nereida
You have created a beautiful website for a beautiful young girl who had so much to give. I am so sorry and my heart goes out to her family, who I am sure, has not gotten over her sudden death. I never heard of her murder, but I'm more than positive that it must've been a blow to her family and friends. I don't have a printer yet, but as soon as I buy one I'm going to print a couple of the reward poster and hand them out. I live in Atlantic City, New Jersey, but we can never discard the possiblity that whoever was heartleass enough to take a young girl's life, could be living in a place as small as Atlantic City.
My deepest sympathies
Nereida Nunez
64Jun 28 1998Krystal
I'm very sorry for you. Let her memory live on.
63Jun 24 1998Jennefer Powell
May God be with you during this difficult time. My heart goes out to you and all others who knew her. Although I never knew her, her life and untimely death have touched my soul forever. As a parent, I know the love for a child knows no boundaries. Anastasia was a beautiful human being and now, an even more beautiful angel. God bless her soul. May you be comforted by the memories of her time on this earth. My prayers are with you all. God bless and keep you in his love.....
62Jun 23 1998Lezlie Phillips

61Jun 23 1998Vanessa

60Jun 20 1998Chris (Eastpointe, MI)
I, also, stumbled upon your site accidently. The touching tribute to your young daughter is a living and breathing one. May you find solace in her memory and always be blessed with the circumspection of knowing her. Although her senseless death may never be solved, the more important thing to do is to never forget what she was to you.

God bless her and her family.
59Jun 18 1998Lynette (Singapore)
I'm really very sorry to hear about the death of Anastasia. I wanted to get some pictures from the cartoon " Anastasia" that I came upon the news. This just brought tears to my eyes. It's such a pity for a lady to die so young. I know it's hard but life still goes on. Let us pray hard that justice will be served soon. Please accept my deepest condolences. May god bless your family.
58Jun 7 1998evelyn
I have just seen your web page in rememberance of Anastasia. I am truly sorry for your loss and wish that the one who took her from you is punished for it. It is truly sad to see such a sweet young woman taken in her prime. It is scary that there is so many innocent lives being taken and their families left to mourn them. I being 18 and just starting to develop into a mature woman it truly frightens me to see so many of my peers, whether I know them or not, being victims of other people's wars. As stated before I'm truly sorry for your loss and hope justice prevails. Also I am positive that she knows how much you love,and cherish her.
57Jun 7 1998Jen Dougherty
I know how hard it is to lose someone you love, and it tests your faith in God. I hope that the person who commited this horrible crime is brought to justice, but also remember that it won't bring this beautiful girl back to us. By sentencing him/her to death will just ensure another family of losing someone they love, causing more grief and more pain. Anastasia is in heaven now, and I'm sure she's watching out and guiding her loved ones through their tragedies and triumphs. Keep her memory living in the way you live your life each day, and never take for granted the things you have. Peace.
56Jun 3 1998Anastasia L. Pankau
I feel very deeply for y'all and pray that her murderer be brought to justice. May God bless you and keep you.
In Him,
Anastasia Pankau
55May 31 1998Lisa
I am sorry to hear about your loss.
55May 26 1998Edwin Torres GA.
I hope you can find peace in your heart.
I know that God will not let this go like this.
53May 24 1998Callisto
I wish you well in your search for the person/s involved in this horrible crime. I am very sorry for your loss.
52May 20 1998Steven Pirnat
I am speechless. As I sit here, my 16 month old son is snuggled in bed next to his mom. Thank god for the years he let you spend with her. She is with him now. I will pray for your daughter.
51May 19 1998Chris Wagoner
I am so very sorry....I will pray for her and you...
50May 10 1998Kristie Uthe
Bob, Diane, & girls, I just wanted you to know that you are all in my thoughts daily.
49May 5 1998Richard Vargyas (Windsor, ON. Canada)
I found your website to be both somber and yet somewhat consoling. It saddens me to tell you that my youngest son John was shot to death on Sept. 17/98 as was his 17 year old girlfriend Jackie who then turned the gun on herself. Although the police have termed this to be a double suicide, inconclusive evidence leads us to believe quite the contrary. The investigation remains open pending results of forensic testing. You have my deepest sympathy. I just don't know what else to say. John's tragic death still weighs heavily on both my mind and in my heart. I'm sure we share in the same deep grief. Dear God! Give us the strength to endure.
48May 3 1998Geoff Simpkins
I never knew her but written this poem in her memories. For tears were brought to my eyes writing it.

"Memories of You
Anastasia E. WitbolsFeugen"

Anastasia you may be gone
and we all have cried
we all couldn't believe
that you have died,

you were such a special lady
everyone would agree
we all loved you
to some kind of degree,

the memories are all good
cause you were never bad
you always made us happy
and never made us sad,

we could never forget
that beautiful smile
one that was always there
and lasted for miles,

we wish this never happened
it became a shock to all
we couldn't believe it
when the Police had called,

may you rest in peace
cause we know you're in heaven not hell
and there is one thing
we all can tell,

you will always be special
even now you're there
you were a special young lady
who really seems to care,

we end this poem
knowing you'll always be a thought away
we will miss you
after this day,

thanks for the happiness
that you did bring to us
that is what made you special
and that is because,

there is no one like you
and we all know that
we all still love you
and that is a fact...
(C) GS
47May 2 1998Rick and Shone Jung
Just a little note to the family and friends of Stacey. We are making a hit to this site for the first time. We are up visiting at Uncle Marshall's house, and Trevor turned us on to the web. It is our hope that all questions concerning Stacy will be answered with God's grace and guidance. Full closure for all will come when all those who are responsible are dealt with according to man's law and to God's law. We hope all of the family members are doing well. We are doing fine in Jackson, TN. Thanks to whomever is responsible for this fine website devoted to Stacy. Thankyou.
46Apr 26 1998Sarah Oltvedt
Anastasia and I shared the same alma mater, King Middle. I remember her as an older member of the Latin Club and some of our long bus rides down to JCL conventions. Though, I didn't know her well, my heart goes out to those who did. Three people I attended King with have passed and the loss of such young life is heartbreaking. For those, of us who think ourselves so invulnerable, its a reminder of our mortality and the evils we face as we take our turn changing the world.
45Apr 25 1998Destiny Slade, Destiny Mystic Royal, Anya, Devotion
(Yes we know we have weird names)
I stumbled onto this site by accident. I was looking for pictures from the cartoon 'Anastasia' and I was also doing homework on the german Anastasia. Which I still haven't done yet.

Anyways. I'm very sorry to have heard about this. I (Anya) lost my parents in a car crash Christmas day (1997). But with my friends around I am slowly getting too grips with this tragedy. I never knew Anastasia... although we do share the same name (Anya is my nickname). I wish your family well and we all send our condolinces... We hope you don't mind this being long but we have a song for you...

Till the white rose blooms again
You must leave me leave me lonely
So goodbye my love till then
till the white rose blooms again..

The summer days are ending in the valley
and soon the time must come when we must be apart.
Just like the rose that comes back in the spring time
you will return to me when spring time comes around

Till the white rose blooms again
You must leave me leave me lonely
So goodbye my love till then
till the white rose blooms again..
44Apr 25 1998Rhonda Black
I send my deepest sympathy. . . Although i never knew her i can not understand how such a heartless action could be done. . . I know that my words are a blurr and don't mean much but keep in mind Anastasia is one more Angel in heaven and is smiling down on you as you continue on . . .
My deepest sympathy in your time of sorrow. . .
43Apr 22 1998heather
although i never knew anastasia, i share some of the things she enjoyed. so many people love her and that is evident in this beautiful tribute you have created. it also allows those who knew her and those who didn't, like myself, to share and remember the person she was and allow her to continue to live on. all my love to her family and friends.
42Apr 22 1998Ajia M. Johnson
I've cried, I've wondered, I've been upset. None of these emotions can ever parallel those of her parents and closest friends, though. It makes no sense that this should occur. I wonder if anything will ever make sense.

All I know is that it hurts. A lot. My heart goes out to all who feel this unnecessary pain. When will it end? I don't know, but to find the person who did this would help the healing immensely. If anyone can help do this please don't hold back. I implore you.
41Apr 22 1998Kimberly "Kat" Ryle
Yes this is the very same Kimberly, that wrote a poem in tribute to Anastasia.
There are so many things that I wish that I had words to express. To me it seems that mere language can not even scratch the surface of what she meant to myself and many others.

I wrote that poem the very day that I found out about her passing... as I speak it has been permanently engraved upon my loft that I sleep on.

All I can remember about that day is shock, pain, tears. To this day I still have not been able to truly realize the pain that is still inside. What only made it worse, was being unable to go home, having to stay here in Texas. This summer, I intend on returning to share in the memories that I and others that knew her keep close in our hearts and souls.

I can only hope that her memory will live on, in the hearts and minds of those that knew and loved her.

Til death do we met again my Beloved Sister...
40Apr 22 1998Hoby Harper
This is a very sad and terrible thing that has happened to a wonderful person.
Knowing the truth would put all people about this at ease. Hope it will end soon.
39Apr 19 1998Jonathan Williams
I send my regards. I hope that the people who did such a horrendous thing are brought to justice. Always remember the good times and that if there is a Heaven, she is up there with the angels and God blessing them with her presence.
38Apr 2 1998Carolina
I feel as if though I have known Anastasia all my life, but obviously I haven't met her. I feel greatly to her family and friends. My sympathy and grieve goes towards her family and friends.
37Mar 30 1998Paige O'Pry Dowden
I pray this mystery is solved. What a waste this was. I know some of what your family is going through because my sister vanished on July 19,1996 and the man she was last seen with told the police to bring him a body and he would confess. He buried her where she could not be found. Our family is devastated. I personally work on the case everyday. I want to make sure my sister is not forgotten. I sent an e-mail to one of Anastasia's sisters telling them how impressive her site is. It's a wonderful memorial to her. I hope that one day it will be God's will for all of us to find out what happened to our girls. God Bless the Families and God Bless the Victims of this world. Good Luck - Paige O'Pry Dowden
E-Mail address:
36Mar 24 1998Karen Turner
My mind, and heart still can not accept that you are not physically here. I think I will see you around town, and in that same moment my heart will cry. There is an emptiness within my being I can't describe, yearning to see your eyes and your smile, and to get that hug you would give me when we would meet. I miss you baby girl.

Sometimes I think I'll see her, within seconds my heart cries. I will miss her eyes, smile, and those hugs she gave me upon meeting. I will dream of her, and remember sweetness, the times she was a typical teenager, and everything that made her Anastasia. I am so sorry for your loss. You know I will be there for your family.
35Mar 24 1998Frank Preuss, Germany
Es tut mir unsagbar leid.
34Mar 23 1998 Tracy L.Ramlow
Anastasia, for the short time I knew her, managed to impress me for being an interesting and beautiful individual. she made an impact on my look on life, and I felt concern for her before her death. ironically, her death remains a mystery, as she was a mystery to me. My deepest sympathies to you, who loved her and knew her, and my hopes for a conclusion to our loss.

co worker, KCPT SOK
33Mar 22 1998Andrew

32Feb 19 1998Pamela Strandberg

31Feb 16 1998Blake Spencer
I was actually looking for music from the movie Anastasia, because I am a band director and write music for marching band. I came upon your site by accident. However, the way you speak of her and the pictures show that she was beautiful inside and out. I do happen to read/research real crime...especially criminal profiling. It seems that the world has forgotten, but it seems pretty obvious who was responsible. I have not followed the fact, this is the first time hearing of it. But the boyfriend would obviously look guilty. He argued with her, let her get out, was the last to see her, etc. It seems too simple.
Maybe that is the problem. I assume that when you don't mention the possibility of him being responsible...that you have a reason. But in the profiling business...the simplest answer is sometimes correct. Stranger killings are still the rarest. It is very possible that both families have decided this is the case also, but are saving the public ridicule by not mentioning anything. These are just thoughts...I am truly sorry for your loss. The world lost a beautiful person.
30Feb 8 1998Michelle
I think that Anastasia's story is the most touching story I have ever heard and I look forward to learning more about her.
29Feb 7 1998Allison Whitt

28Feb 5 1998Deb and Jim Gagnon
Bob, Mom told me about this page, but I had never seen it before. Mike Strange had it on his web page. This is a very nice memorial for Anastasia. Thanks for sharing.
27Jan 31 1998Nancy E. Rock
So needless and sad
26Jan 29 1998Kristie Uthe

25Jan 26 1998Amanda Lee Bunyard

ave atque vale, cara pulchra, amo.
24Jan 22 1998Anastasia Kierst
Very sorry to hear such sad news. I stumbled onto this site because Anastasia and I share the same name.
One less Anastasia in this world: what a shame
23Jan 21 1998Jack & Christie Poynter
All our love and best wishes to you all. We'll miss Stacey.
22Jan 20 1998Kathleen Utter

21Jan 19 1998Ruth H Biswell
Good night fair one. It terrifies me that so many young people who attended Lincoln Academy never make it far past the gates of the school.

I don't know what happened that fateful night in October, but SOMEONE does. Speak up if you know the truth. Let her family and friends know the truth. Let her family and friends know that their beloved daughter sister and friend went thru that night. Let them at least have that, if they can't have her.

This is a beautiful tribute to Anastasia, amo vos.
20Jan 17 1998Anastasia
We have the same name. I bet she was as unique as our name is.
19Jan 15 1998Thomas M. Wright
Robert, after viewing your daughters home page, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you my deepest condolences and prayers on the loss of your daughter; Anastasia. I could not even imagine the hurt and sorrow you must be going through. keep praying, and one day justice will prevail.

Sincerely Yours
Thomas Michael Wright
Marceline Fire Dept
Marceline, MO
18Jan 15 1998Janet Houston
Please accept my deepest condolences on the death of your daughter. I can only say that life must be very hard for you, with losing your daughter, and especially not knowing who committed such a horrible crime. I know that if something like this happened to one of my children, I'd probably "lose it." And for sure, I'd spend all my days and nights looking for the person who violated my family. Knowing how I think I would feel and act, I can only imagine what you must be going through, and I offer my prayers in your behalf for peace and comfort that only the Lord can give. From the photos, Anastasia looks like she would have been a very sweet and wonderful person. I didn't know her. I pray that someday the person(s) who killed her will be known, caught, and brought to justice. This will never replace your loss, but it will help your peace of mind. I'm sorry for your tragedy and loss. Rest in the memories you have of Anastasia; know that some day you will again be with her--with the Lord; and trust in God. I know that's hard, but that's your only salvation at this time.

Are there any clues? Are there any suspicions?

The web page honoring Anastasia is truly a beautiful tribute and so professionally done. You must had loved her very much.

God be with you,

17Jan 15 1998J.L.
I want to express my empathy and condolences. I didn't know your daughter, but I have had friends die at a young age, and even more that have thrown their lives away to they are only shells of the people they once were. Your page moved me, and the taking of your daughter's life enraged me. As any young person's death, it is a tragedy beyond words. It made me realize my own mortality once again and if anything, your daughter has given me the ability to appreciate life more. It is so easy to forget.

I wish you and your family patience, persistence, strength and success in your search. I can only come close to imagining how frustrating and painful it must be.
16Jan 15 1998Jessica Cummins
I hope that this ends soon. I only knew her in passing but still the pain grips me. I am in awe of the strength portrayed throughout this site.
Good luck and much love to all.
15Jan 14 1998Julie Weiss
I am truly sorry for your loss. I wish there was something I could do for you. I hope one day justice is done for her.
God Bless
14Jan 14 1998Angelica Lyzzet Sierra Burgos
I admire you
13Jan 12 1998Rick, Lisa, Tyler & Lauren Goin
Anastasia's step-sister and brother-in-law.
12Jan 8 1998Frank Evans
I pray I never have to go through what you have. Tragedies like this make me realize how precious my own children are. May God be with you.
11Dec 30 1997Robin Bailey
I was very sorry and sad to read about Anastasia's murder. For a life to be taken is always a tragedy but such a young life is even worse and more insane. I have a 16 year old that is my best friend. I cannot imagine her not being here.
I pray that God gives you the strength to handle your grief and that whoever did this is found and punished. I hope that there will be updates on the progress being made.
Take time for yourself and always communicate.

Robin Bailey
10Dec 28 1997Casey Watts

9Dec 25 1997Katie WitbolsFeugen
She lives on.
8Dec 23 1997 kim evans
my prayers are with the family
7Nov 17 1997John Adib
Anastasia was always nice to me. She went before her time.
6Nov 16 1997Brenna Bertram
A thing I will miss most about Stasia were our talks that would go on for hours . . . yet never get tiring. Carpe Diem Stasia.
5Nov 14 1997Kristie, Jeff & Colin Uthe
4Nov 11 1997Ed Bruns
I only saw a photo of her, work with her dad. Was very sorry to hear. I have 3 daughters myself and I know how hard it would be if I lost even one of them. Everybody in Adj/Corr Branch feels the same.
3Nov 8 1997Kim Anthony
I knew Stacy from church. In the short time we were together, she meant a lot to me. She will be greatly missed by me and the rest of her church family.
2Nov 6 1997Robin Poynter Clemmons, NC
I remember her as a pudgy little 4 year old named Stacy, who gave me (also 4) a bloody nose because whe thought I was trying to steal her younger sister Francesca's affection and attention (a baby at the time). I was in contact with her one more time after that when I was 10, when her mother and sisters came down to visit us in NC. I regret it now because she will never meet my son and I will never hear how her life has been in the past eight years. I was shocked at the nature of her death and I feel that someone has to know what the real story is, and there will be a time when we know what really happened, and her family can rest easier in knowing the truth
1Nov 3 1997Daniele Fields
What could I say that would do any sort of justice to my dearest friend in the entire universe? I loved her as my sister and we were as close as Siamese twins. Without her, I feel incomplete because she was as much a part of me as I myself am. I will always fondly remember the times we shared and wish that we could have been able to share more. Alas, our time together has been cut short and all I have left are my memories. Mea cara, Anastasia, amo te et amabo semper.

Semper tua Daniele
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